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  1. Amber Benny Olivechallman

    Scammer youanoob/ibnoob

    Wow its so great to see how many ppl protect scammer s yes we did rank him and we added him like I said in my previous comment I posted this to warn others ps he should b banned we talking over 150bucks of miracle coin items here but go on guy s make more excuses for ppl to scam others !good job it must b OK to rob others maybe I might start since u can t get a ban :) and so many ppl seem to condone it
  2. Amber Benny Olivechallman

    Scammer youanoob/ibnoob

    Yes is bank char and unfortunately how do make someone heir with out trust ? I'm just showing for all to see he can't be trusted so no one else looses item from there wh
  3. Amber Benny Olivechallman

    Scammer youanoob/ibnoob

    Add new ppl to guild and loosing valuable s Name and shame since we can't retrieve wat we have lost Now this has happened many times to my guild and we can't lv the guild as of this! gm plz ban these scammer from ur game severs
  4. Amber Benny Olivechallman

    Warspear Test-Server

  5. Amber Benny Olivechallman

    [2016.10.24] Warspear Online 6.2: Valdemar's Feast. Preview

    Oh snap i cant wait dgs boss and rides i love this map cheers guys