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  1. on pressing revive button in arena after death, and when hero revived still not get the arena final results box after arena complete. secondly did u fix the mailbox problem? when bag is full and when we accept the gift and click on TO BAG option the gift goes away and it shows bag is full. it shouldn't disappear. will be waiting for ur reply admin ::)
  2. Thanks Legioneer for your help. It was very helpful to me. and still some questions answers are left which maybe some1 else can answer to so i am waiting for the remaining answers to get. Hope to get it soon.
  3. Hello My name is Keyur. I am from India. I have been playing Warspear its Superb no Doubt. I need some help on many topics. First of all how to order Miracle coins for Indian ? I will like if u show me process through sms. I have Vodafone sim card. Secondly if i get miracle coins will it be on whole email id's all the hero's or only on 1 specific hero or on same faction all hero's?? Thirdly i have seen some guys here on forum have square boxes of yellow color or red color beneath their name wat are those and how to get those? Fourthly how to go on hunts like in chat i see some say lab hunt pm me and all. i have 2 email id's and all 12 hero's of different lvl. max is lvl 13 ranger named Aimmaster. Fifthly how to get a screen shot on my mobile for my android phone of the map or any hero or anything else in game. I will be waiting for ur reply soon thank you and hope to get answers of all my questions one by one and also some extra information if possible ;)
  4. Is this game available to play on Nokia 2700 Java S40 v 3 ? ::)
  5. Is Samsung S II really good mobile to play this game on and does tht mobile support this game without any problems?? I am looking to buy tht phone so i need an answer to this first.. Thanks you for ur kind reply. ;)
  6. I mean if i put my game to phone memory so will it solve my problem that when i change map my app closes down??
  7. firstly wat is hard reset and can someone show me the exact process to do that on my E72 mobile.. secondly my game application is installed in memory card so do i need to uninstall and again reinstall to phone memory(will it make my phone slow or not dont know??) and finally i cant format my memory card coz i loose many data of mine :( and of which some cant be recovered.. so any othr good way i can do?? And Thanks alot for your all replies and support.... ;)
  8. I did that many times mate.. But still it closes my application as soon as i change map.. :( wat this problem could be?? or any other way to solve the problem??
  9. Any Moderator/Admin to help me with my problem?? I cant play this game properly on my phone. My phone is E72 and when i start and play it goes on good but when i change map or pass on to other map my game application suddenly closes down.. Why this happens and how to resolve it?? So i need a good and easy solution to my problem if any one could give me.. will be waiting for ur kindful help soon..
  10. bstee76 thank u ;) i understood wat u said.. and fizaa i play on emerald.. i sent u a pm just chk tht out and reply me.. Thanks alot both of u ;D
  11. no this not a good idea/suggestion i was looking for. I need a good solution to my problem that wat should i do to play this game properly without any problems. :unknw:
  12. can u help me plz.. i play this game on my E72 mobile phone and after sometime as soon as i pass to other map my game application gets suddenly closed down. :( So plz help me... will be waiting for ur reply soon.. Thank You. ::)
  13. I waited more now but still i got no reply from anyone? Is there no one to help me with this game :(
  14. Hi Friends My name is Keyur, I am new to this Game but cant find out how to play this game. I started with doing quest abit but i want to know this game and the in-debths of this game like what all things we can do here, how to lvl up faster, how to make/join clans/teams, How and WHen to pvp and many other features... So please some good person help me with these all things :blush: ty ;D
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