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  1. Np. as long as it keeps GM from nerf. Sulla, ixnay on the you know what xd
  2. Unfortunately game wasn't made for 1 on 1 and you can't get rewarded. Just personal bragging rights
  3. Just trying to defend our factions. But I guess I'll just sit back and rofl as I see one side dominating all. Just remember I warned you
  4. As a player I have a right to express my feelings. Forum is where to do that. Same players go arena elf then go Mc side and play there. I say they have way better chance to win as elf. Comprehend what I'm trying to say?
  5. Childsplay - rogue Berengars - shaman Suprememan - barb Ioki, darkzeid, - locks Iucifer - DK Cosito - necro And so on....including elf yes. Been playing too long and know what's up lol
  6. I ain't talking about mage class only. Mage class is some what OK. I'm talking about all fb/chosen as my enemy have way too OP CC skills. Check top arena charts and see most are elf. Stop being so ignorant. Why don't you go level a barb to level 18 and see how much more that would suck. I have elf and see how easy it is to kill Mc. I go nude arena as a ranger and win 9/10 times
  7. Mage may need something but overall fb/chosen class have op skills in crowds. And when you are a melee and can't move close to enemy, you're basically stunned. Fireball causes fear with combo which means yes you DO as a mage have a stun already. Am I wrong there?
  8. Elf side have too many cc skills. With new update you add another for them on mage class. GM need to reconsider this. Arena as a mountains versus elf side is almost impossible. I'm +10 w arena rewards and I find it hard to win vs low amped elf And any of you who think I'm newb, I challenge you 1 on 1 and see who's newb Win ration vs elf 1/3, win vs MC 4/5...
  9. So if one newb stays inside banner AoE, he gets full 600dmg? Or still 1/3 of party in 3v3?
  10. Any plans on heroic nadir this update? I mean since now lol 20 sets are kinda obsolete since 21+ coming. Or maybe a similar Nadir area on Ayvondil?
  11. Sarcasm can be funny but some might take it the wrong way lol
  12. Well as a player in the opposite faction, I'm simply suggesting my opinion. Chill
  13. I don't understand how? Giving you a stun ain't offensive? They already have a stun and more stuns in game is stupid. They should remove all stuns. Mage didn't need a buff in my opinion, lots of defense lots of fire power.
  14. New update 4.2, there you go xx
  15. You can't just categorize them as op, not op or needs work . An op druid is 10x more op than an op shaman in arena. Have you tried arena on mountains side lately? Elf have tons of dmg lots of heal and cc. I hope GM keep the game as it is, this is only the beginning, wait till all newb have their skills set correctly. We're still in testing stages on new skills but I can start seeing the difference already. I always have a better chance in winning vs mountains/forsaken. My predictions: changes will be made with upcoming update after the holidays, if not, elf will dominate arena and tours.
  16. Missing 19 level amulets and bonuses on sets backwards. Work in progress but very neat. Update in English. Thank you
  17. If you like the game, let your voice be heard. Otherwise we the players have no say. Without us they have nothing. After your vote comment on the one main reason you voted as you did. For me it's new skills that were introduced. You can see it in arena rankings, Firstborn/Chosen are 70% top in every level
  18. Laser staff goes pew pew too
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