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  1. I don’t know why you whine? I also walk a lot for 32, but I haven't received more than one thing in a year! Also, many people get books in 5-7 visits, despite the fact that I make 200-300 visits and there is no book, no suit, no valuable thing. I play as a priest class. if the admin or someone else pays attention to your snot, then pay attention to me that I have nothing to fall out, although I go a lot and by the way I am also from the Phoenix guild. and I want to tell you that we did not unite with any guild, we ourselves.
  2. УВ.разработчики некогда не писал ,но сейчас прям задело!!Не у бд не у Пала агр не работает!!!!(его илюм на фул качан)
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