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    Mialem to na koncu swojego czarnego jezyka
  2. Slear


    Co z czarnymi? Moga dolaczyc?
  3. Questy na swamps są dostępne od 14lv
  4. There's not 3.4.4 version avaible for android users right now.
  5. Może pod wpływem % coś się wydarzyło ? ;D
  6. I'm sure that "special item" we'll buy from m. shop...
  7. Czy tylko ja nie miałem problemu z zalogowaniem się? :crazy:
  8. Next update= Ayvondile
  9. I play bfp4f two weeks but i dont know which class should play.... Plz tell me how u get 20k credis in one week? :wacko: i get only 4k from 2 weeks :facepalm:
  10. she post ss from the game (look at thread name). She didn't place here ur picture :facepalm:
  11. what the duck is wrong with you placing pictures of players moron? :facepalm: Don't try post your ugly face here...
  12. I played this game some time ago but got boring... Try with battlefield play4free :good:
  13. na stale sie przeniosles do ordera? :'(
  14. First :P After kill non-name 800khp boss i loot only silver bar :facepalm:
  15. Stargazers- low amp but skilled player
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