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  1. well im ruez, i quit from elf since my permanent party disbanded especially when grocery decided to quit too. im starting new life as mc.
  2. in other game when something happened to their server including moving to another host,some acc will behave weird like stuck etc. hope this won't ever happen to WS. take care .
  3. palas banner still not fixed? why not make it 10x10 ? dont say you didnt even test the new skill for balance in game. its seems mcs are forced to leave and join elfs. then when you got lots of people in elfs, you forced them to leave elfs because mcs are better. i have seen many quitters,facing lots of enemy and getting lots of bestfriend because your game. i know its not your problem,i know my words are nothing to you especially on your economic side point of view. but please you have to keep and not letting people keep coming and then eventually quit just because of its imbalance. the solution is simple,just balance the game. i know its not so simple as i write this. so i hope you will at least try for it, to make the game even better than before. regards from me, a random people, and silly non quiters.
  4. im rarely seen any low lvl war or nude/naked war its fun n funny tho in fact now games became walkspear
  5. official war event low lvl war high lvl war nude war :D lol
  6. doesnt need to complete shadow in my point of view,just lvl 14 rescriction,and fo those who done shadow can get new main story quest.
  7. info:to complete this quest u need 1000 miracle coins lols october nightmare :D
  8. its called hamstring for a reason imho not a swordstring,hamsword,etc
  9. cara plg gampang buat nghindarin blessing hdupin sound,pas dgr suara skill bless aktiv,lgsg gouge ato ham,tp biasanya ranger pst scater,trap,br blessing. semua enak dimainin tp yg ttp op buat saat ne shaman ama necro,shieldnya dah masuk god mode tuh :D
  10. judging ppl without any prove ill someday bring trouble.,humans can innovate,so im not too surpised when someone can do cl by peace.
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