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  1. How much more longer for the updates? Soooo looooooonggggggggg
  2. Why I can't get Great charm on my 1h-Axe (Phys Dmg) and my ring (Penetration) Crystals.. Is it bugged or i'm just unlucky.. I've already used like 130+ Axe Crystals and still not get Great Charmed.. Please fix this if my axe and ring really are bugged.. I spend too much for just Great charm.. this was never happen.. At least do a checking..
  3. I hope they put a dragon face into Ruberius Gladiator Costume lol maybe its cooler if its have dragon face instead of human face
  4. The dungeon is easy, but big map and long walk, and boss is kinda high def and his skill is make u hit 00000.. I do the dg once, i skip almost all mobs, just the boss need around 10mins to kill so i dont think its possible for 1 stam. I'm done the DG in ~30mins 1st run lol.
  5. Nice... How many hours more? I can't wait to do the DG Btw, the Lv.26 DG gonna be hard like the one at Haloween DG Lv.26 one too?
  6. GM... Why only for Level 1-5 Guild :cray:Make Level 1-8 too please And change tour reward... We got bored by Crimson Corundum all time Make something good
  7. OMG, i was in middle of spam ToS Heroic and suddenly disconected and stuck in Char Selection at Connecting,,, My Unity Pot is still on
  8. Every few seconds . . . and Maximum number of effects - 3 How many seconds is it? and Maximum number of effects is 3 = mean u can only Evade 3 times attack for every u enter combat mode? or you can Evade 3 times attack in row for every few seconds.
  9. There is bug in Linking Stuff also.. Sometimes the [into Chat] Bar didnt show up when we want to link something. and need to relog game to make it show up back.
  10. Wow finally !!!!!! When update ?!?!?! Is there new dungeon Lv.23 for Horror Circus? Lv.24 Dmg Accecories :*
  11. More MT = More Reputation gained for T3 Ayvondil Hehehehe
  12. Is any server already beat that Black Elm? Its 3m HP with 15 adds surround it and adds hit 400+ and once u atk 1 mob, other 14 mobs will rekt you Anyone know the tactic to kill it yet? It's a real raid boss huh But i doubt, many ppl want to gather just to kill Black Elm when only 1 Party will get Drop.. Isnt it better if all ppl who hit Black Elm 5%+HP will get drop So ppl want to gather and kill it together.. Cuz its a raid boss anyway,, Its impossible to kill it 1 party even you're full +10.
  13. The mini-boss at Ayvondil is really hit 700-800 or its bugged? Man the dmg is so crazy And why most of daily quest at Ayvondil doesnt give reputation Please make them gain Reputation too
  14. WTF !!!! Im always sell the Nothern Courage Stuff to NPC LMAO !!!! Now they change to Rare Class equipment :!:!:!:!:! Greattttttt !!! Its Blue or Purple then? LOOOOOL !!!!
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