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  1. Its not written in priest info :facepalm: maybe surprise annouce in update ;D
  2. Patience guys. In rus working hours just started now,hopfully update today.. ;)
  3. Next week update?? or info about ........ Ah,Fill in the blank. :wacko:
  4. Same wit mc's today relic,long walk this is the time to use free teleport. :lol: :lol:
  5. xeli


    And dont forget to increase the loot price and drop rate too. ;D
  6. Mc - Ingolv (Leeward island). 18.05.12
  7. Yup,its very usefull thread for lazy peopls jk :lol: lol. Mc - Gordir (npc in a cave south west from legion camp). 17.5.2012
  8. So currently high amp player is best?? :wacko: I cant see any low amp in your poll. :search: Some BEST player's already voted here.LINK NON AMP + OLD ARENA > LINK 2
  9. wew,moraktar is more cool. :shok: When is the update,after summer? Its taking too long:wacko:
  10. Fireball: throws a small ball of fire at the target. Deals damage to one enemy with magic. Solar Armour: Creates a barrier around his body, which helps to better defend against magic attacks. Read again.. :tease: HOT & COOL :lol: :rofl:
  11. Wew,3 Aoe skills perfect for kiters. :shok: Seems like.. DK & PALY = Melee / Tanker WARLOCK & MAGE = DD NECRO & PRIEST = Healers Good job aigrind team... :clapping:
  12. Best suggestion. Add Mcoins as reward,but small amount just like relic 5mcoins or 10 mcoins? u can buy runes,crystals with that quest mcoins or save some for buy costume later. So ppls who cant buy coins from thy country atlest can buy runes n crystal. And only few 2-3 quests daily,cc quest are boring still old crappy 15lvl 3stats weapons n 16lvl gears. :wacko: nobody doing sanctuarie quest anymore cos is hard as hell mobs hits more.:bad: everyday new ppls ask for help on that quest.pity them cos they dunno how to finish this quest. :(
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