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  1. thats time a nightmare for rogue :facepalm: but its fun, when rogue grow up, no one newbie can kill.. ;D not like now :facepalm: yea yea i remember that, when someone die then respawn all people in that area got dc.. lol :lol: I'm sometime online but just for chat, so bored and just waiting for update..
  2. thanks to correcting bro :blush: but its no big deal, cos he is who 1st shaman finished bg was move to druid ;D oh i didnt see u there, or maybe i'm not remember who anyone elf in there
  3. idk, I hope she can tell the truth of story about her self to us.. :blush: did you know how old is she? :unknw: how you think?.. :blush: lol, i didnt see u when im online, where are you?.. :search: anyway thank for read my story.. ;D
  4. he is not icekillerxxx but icemanxxx lol :lol: icekiller is elf :facepalm: sekalian bantu sundul aj gan ;D
  5. thank you xeli :friends: I'll back when I got 5000 mc chro.. lol ;D yes she isn't talk to me too, she has changed at this time im bored too, one day we will togheter again chro :drinks: maybe after update..
  6. My name is pendekar, why i used that name? when i first play ws my name char is not pendekar, i used that name because to seeking friends from indo more easily (because i'm not very well to talk english :blush: ) I'm born in US-Shapire, I dont know why i choose this server, maybe this server is 1st list in option.. then i choose montain clan because im a human, and my ears still normal.. :lol: and I used a rogue, because i saw assassins job in this char.. ;D unexpected i play not to long in warspears i meet friend from indo, (i hope i can remember his name) he help me some quest and i'm talk much with him, he said to me invite your friend to this game cos this game is cool. but after 3 days pass, i cant login, what happen? I've loved playing in this game, but had to stop with sadness because warspears give trial 3 days only and i dont know how to pay for subscribe that game. then i leave this game. :facepalm: a few months pass, after I buy a new phone i found warspear back, and i sae free to play, im very exicted to play back with pendekar. days by days i play warspear with no firend. when quest to kill boss i just think if i help other people, then people will help me. I remember i always help people to kill torar, until i got quest kill torar, i cant find people to help me. actually i can pass that quest then continued to 2nd island, but i thinking if i moved to 2nd island the cost is 270g, find people then back to 1st island 270g again, after kill torar move back to 2nd island, total is 270+270+270=810g i dont have much gold :wacko: im like stupid to much thinking about that. in 3 days i keep waiting stack in last boss, the i ventured move to 2nd island, it was different than I thought, I'm continue to adventure on 2nd island. in 2nd island i meet stuntman poseidoon heraaa and 2 other friend (i forget the name) they my 1st friend party in 2nd island. we are together kill some boss in 2nd island, and torar ofcourse. before that i experienced first war, elf attacked and blocked way in town 1 - 2, that time rogue cant do anything, rogue is The weakest class :'( , so i just wait people and attack togather, then we keep trying kill them, we are dead - respawn - attack - dead - respawn - attack, until elf one by one die. :aggressive: i remmeber one elf running his name is hotkid, he is the first i see who player have rank 5. we keep hunt him but he keep running, because his hp just half only. but when he used pot, he attack back then killed us. its impossible to kill rank 5 vs 2 mc rank 3 lol.. :rofl: that time is very fun.. :good: after he killed me, hotkid pm me by his char mc spy, maybe because my char name in indo lang, and we from same country then we talk much. (that time hard to find friend from same country, and elf said mc like a ghost town) after that im first time pieced with elf name hotkid,, but another elf, xmage, xrenger and scout they always hunt mc. :aggressive: I'm rise more fast than my friends party, until i ariived in last town, my party cant always help me, they busy with they quest and not always online together. so i try find other friend. then i meet manhater we doing quest together in dungeon last town. when we have many quest to kill boss i meet ajisoul but that time he cant help me, he busy with his daily quest, and ajisoul have friend the name jojoxz he have same quest with me. then meet healerz and zid, ajisoul zid and healerz togahter help me kill some boss. then i meet party icemanxxx chronoz xromance, i ask help to them, but i must wait if i want to helped by them. after they done with their daily they help me, until im done kill all boss I try help them to finish his quest to kill berengar guard. but it not easy, at that time no one mc shapire ever finish berengar guard and berengar six shadow, because of very rare player. in another time i meet dimanz he have same quest to kill maraksha untiil we have quest berengar guard. my last quest just only berengar six shadow and berengar guard. I'm with my friend keep try to kill berengar guard, we call all mc, but its still hard. until icemanxx rise up to rank 5, i though he is the first mc have rank 5, but im wrong. there already exists vay and supersaiya, they was rank 5 before icemanxx, but i didnt see them anymore. maybe if we done berengar quest they will back? i dont know. :pardon: when we try kill berengar we meet nice elf, the name is dukuncilik. he tell to me how to kill bg, but icemanxxx was know how to do (because he have char in emerald) and dukuncilik tell us, their elf party will help us to kill berengar guard, just tell him if ready. i remmeber xromace once told to me, if it keep fail he will leave the game. finnaly that day come, me, ajisoul, healerz, zid, xromance, dimanz and jojoxz online in same time, but icemanxxx not online yet. we are prepare to try kill berengar shadow, I took the initiative check server emerald, and i hope icemanxxx online in there. yes im right, he is doing daiy in tere. then i tell to him to come to shapire, we will try to kill berengar six shadow. we are full party come to inside gate berengar shadow, there are 1 barbarian, 1 rogue, and 6 druid. at 1st time we fail, but we not give up. 2nd time we back to inside, then finally we beat them, jojoxz got the 1st. then after some player got item jojoxz disconected, we thought he leave us, if he really leave us he will got blacklist from us. 5 minutes more sill not come, but fortunately he come back he said his phone lowbatt. then we continue to kill berengar shadow, until we all got and that day is over. next day 25 July 2011 after finish berengar shadow, we are confident can beat berengar guard. but we didnt see dukuncilik online, elf who will help us kill berengar guard. so then we decided to find and call all mc then we meet party of safir, kampak, krauser and other his friend (i didnt remember anyone who help). now we are 2 full party in berengar guard, icemanxxx tell the plan to them then we finnaly can kill guntram, then dragon, but lambret is not easy. but we didnt give up, and some of people who be blocker was naked. ;D then finnaly icemanxxx the 1st barbarian can used berengars items, and xromance 1st druid Sahaman who can finish, then ajisoul 3th mc in shapire. that day was over, but i'm still not finish yet, i'm just only last items from lambret. next day we do it again then finnaly I'm 1st rogue who can finish berengar guard in shapire, then dimanz done too at that day. after that more and more mc done bg chronoz, patahhati, healerz, zid, krauser, jojoxz, tonydark, afro, sakray, theodoric, laikz, buanz, yanz, and more. :bomb: after i got berengar costume, ajisoul ask to me to help him take a screenshoot, he said for send it to supersaiya or vay, he hope they will come to play back.. :drinks: The rise of mountain clan shapire not because of me, but because of we. if we together, then we can do it :friends: I'm just lucky, reborn at the right time. :yahoo: thanks to all people who help us in bg -The End-
  7. it's too late :facepalm: they was play another, the real mmorpg game... Glad to meet you in this game Chro.. :friends: time to say GAMEOVER :mega_shok:
  8. :blush: I just can say with this image :
  9. yea i saw imbalance between bosses astral.. if talk imbalance, see the map astral and compare the way, elf hv wide way, n mc hv tiny way.. :facepalm: and i saw this imbalance from beginning, 1st island elf is so small i can rise to 2nd island just 3days, but for mc in 1st island need for 1weeks... :wacko: like sakray say before since begining mc is 'kinda hard mode' n fb is 'ezzzzy mode' 8) the dev cant remake the astral labyrn the rice has become porridge,, we just can hope, next island can be reversed,, elf will more hard than mc... :drinks: @sulla, come on dude, 3rd boss mc is not hard by your imagine.. 3 mob avade, 1 mob atack :rofl: u just need more to explore that place.. use ur brain and made good strategy... mc is just for smart ppl bro.. :pleasantry:
  10. of coures u not just hunted me, but u hunted every mc... :nea: are u kidding?? old rogue cant kill elf,, :cray: u atk who atk ur friend?? ur friend is xmage, lilarexii, and xranger right?? and the real bustard is xmage, he always hunted mc solo.. so thats why mc kill ur friend.. 8) i know who is xmage,, someone say the real xmage is good person, but when be bad person he used by his bf.. you know who is right? :aggressive: you must know, i try play elf (with another name).. when im quest maraksha, i saw xmage farm solo.. he try killed maraksha, i chat him to invite me.. but no answer.. after maraksha dead, im still chat him, but still no answer... after that i really dont like elf.. are u help person like that??? :diablo: i konw i know,,, elf is weak now,, hard to win when war.. so u didnt join war.. :rofl: but how if update come?, with new good skill for elf,, are u still just farm?? or u try to started war again with justice clan?? :dirol:
  11. Most hated elf is? can i pick 2 person? :blush: 1. scout when rogue is the weakest class, he always killed me.. when im doing quest, when i kill mob, every he saw me he killed me.. (rogue very rarely before) maybe he didnt remember,, but i cant forget it.. :facepalm: and maybe thats why mc blocking way in lake, elf always hunted mc when farm no exist,, and barb cant do much more, range wpn rulez... :crazy: 2. lilarexii when im doing quest aveger stela in dinalt, he killed me.. then tremple on my dead body :pleasantry: after that she do it again n again,,, she loved me maybe :give_rose: :lol:
  12. pndkr


    maybe same person in this topic... http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=39253.0
  13. yea, when areana opened i cant online, becuse i hv exam, a busy week... :blush: good starting chro.... :good: this is my statistic.. on 100 battle, 81 wins, and just 19 lost.. :dirol:
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