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  1. Nd one more thing , we have only 5 slots for expert book , already full but where we have to use another expert ? Nd we have more experts pens book , physical nd mdef expert books where we have to use them? ... I hope so u ppl could do it (Increased expert slots)
  2. Increase the quest limit 100 again , unable to make nd take quests 50 above ... idk if it's bug u guys created like this. Quests r many in all towns of ayvondil but only can take 50 quests its ridiculous , if u guys won't change quests limits there is no use to giving more quests. Think it one ...thank you
  3. Fix it daily quests bug , it's saying always u reach daily quests 50 :-[
  4. What a fantastic update ... mini buses can drop 22lvl nd 24lvl gears nd arena armour ,dg 25lvl weapons nd gears ,costumes ...no doubt at all this is the awesome update ever :-D
  5. Ufff,ranger knows it , kill mcs with ranger , rouge or dk or warlock etc ...
  6. Rogues r op too , if u ppl want to remove bds counter , remove first rogues invisible skill too..ty
  7. Ranger r too weak now , who r speaking Rangers strong ? Do u hve ranger character really? Rangers skills scatter nd Avition nd traps also useless ...Any MC character can kill a ranger easily ..waste nd worst skills have Rangers now idk y gm have been unable to give good skill for rangers
  8. Do u mean , actually now it's working if ranger use traps enemy can move 3steps forward NXT it holds enemy or mobs... Does Ranger traps work perfectly then?
  9. Roland , how long will the update take to finish? If u say more than half an hour i better to go sleep
  10. What about rouge invisible skill that's getting elf irritate remove that also
  11. INFO: Sorry for the inconvenience update has been postponed above 6hrs ... Hope so understand xD
  12. What happens? Not updated afk.nd playstore %) how long will it take to Google approval?
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