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  1. Troniux, the Guardian of The Underworld Troniux, the first guardian of the underworld, was placed there by the Odin himself to keep the evil souls from escaping to the living world ever again. Troniux was a fierce warrior who was once recognised as a hero and a leader of the Mountain Clans, feared by his enemies and respected by his friends. During The Great War of Spear, Troniux proved himself again as a worthy warrior, but, because of all the power he possessed people started getting afraid of him and his power. So on one night in the middle of The Great War he was poisoned by no other than his own comrades. Many people, both legionnaires and sentinentels died in that war during the fight, but almost noone experienced betrayal by his own friends. Later on, Troniux got possessed by an evil spirit and now he is rampaging in the underworld, and must be stopped or else a whole army of undead creatures with unimaginable powers will rise from the underground. Skills: Fear - on all enemies in a certain radius ( the skill from necromancers, I'm not sure what is the name of the skill); Chop; Roar; Ground slam - Jumps and hits the ground very hard, dealing damage arround the boss ( 3x3 or 4x4 - casters could be safe); Strong Blow ((***was using barbarian skills as the base, because in "past life" he was a barbarian, thought it might suit him the best^.***)) HP - 1.5-2.5 million; HP Regen - 500 per 5 seconds; MP - 500-600; MP Regen - 100 per 5 seconds Location: - In the new upcoming lab, or in Irsenolt maybe(the place where demonologist and other bosses were, maybe aa hall?). ***** I didn't notice this post until just recently when friend showed me, so I made all of this quickly and I'll try to make some updates to the topic. Also I tried to post this yesterday when the servers were off, but I can't find my topic anywhere so I'm re-posting. Also if there are 2 posts, I'd like for one older one to be deleted if possible, I don't like "multiposting" or re-posting but I can't find the post anywhere and today is the last day so. :/*****
  2. Read the first 5-6 posts, he used pens just to write his name to confirm that he actually drew that
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