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  1. They are Totenkopf means a dead head and Joachim is a Hebrew/german name
  2. Does that even work for warlocks i have both on dark circle and pool and it's seem useless no effect at all.is it a bug?
  3. Stone Body: Action time is changed at the 1 and 2 levels of the skill development. It was 5-7-8-10, and now it’s 4-6-8-10 seconds. From the 2 level of the skill development, healing effect is added, when the skill is used. Healing amount depends on a skill development level, magic power and level of a hero. What is the amount of the heal effect at each lvl? can you say that to us?
  4. Hey guys,i want to ask if it possible to recover a deleted character and it's true that before 1.1.2017 if the chara at that time deleted they can't recover it.any suggestions?
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