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  1. Soon to be high enough, actually they count as they still have the same skill set but without ex skills


    Since I know how is this gonna end, you telling me that shit doesn't count just to evade the fact that you guys wanna buff/berf stuff because you can't simply "kite" I'm outta here

    Yes, we can't kite, just end this discussion since you're basing your knowledge on a lvl 14, good day.
  2. Flash strike > sonic boom, ex skills aren't meant to be better


    So lets see


    Skrillex = +10 = 1055 phys dmg = 340



    Normal decent amped rogues do 340+ with poison, and not every single bd is +10, so I'd say a 150-250 for normal ppl, neah, still rogue can overcome BDs, tell me when tf did bd get more DPS than rogue when they have less dmg shit

    340 on 0 defense maybe, oh and bds do more damage than rogues, that's a fact, keep denying it, won't change anything, don't want to explain the obvious.

    Btw, this is going off topic, don't want mods to be on my ass so I'm done here.

  3. Yeah right, nowadays around 300 is poop, do you really think 3 250-350 hits with or without crits matter? You probs live in the past, ppl do shitloads of dmg now


    It matters for sure



    Hamatring deals 3 times ~180 damage for me, making it 540 damage. So yeah, hamstring is kinda op:) but poison is... equal. It deals over 700 damage (to me), with critical hits it can reach over 1k damage.

    Please note that poison is an expert skill while hamstring is just a normal skill, experts are "supposed" to be better than normal ones.
  4. Well quake skill definition doesn't say like stun time increases with skill points, I think it increases damage only? I'm not sure I don't have a shaman xd

    It increases damage and stun time, 5 seconds at 5.
  5. I never seen such a great amount of bullshit just in a single post.


    Shaman healing ability is the 4th on the game (below druid/priest and imo, necro).


    Shaman kite ? You guys probably never left lvl 6 arena. Druid do that far better.


    Shaman burst with totem ? What can you burst now ? Anyone can stop you or tank your whole combo.

    How about bladedancer that have a burst, a good DPS, and what's more tankiness ?


    Kiting isn't as powerfull as before.


    But that, was by far the biggest piece of dumbshit you wrote.

    With blind totem and quake you can kite entire groups of people and kill them.


    Root => 5 yards.

    You can't kite the druid root.


    But no surprise, with such a dumb nickname, no surprise you're showing common elves's viewpoint.

  6. Counter is evadable, ham does like 150-200, your poison does 250-450, the knife skills are for casters when elusive is off, anti kiter/runner

    Wait what? Ham does 150? Maybe you've been fighting +1 bds, check high amplified ones and see how nasty ham can get.
  7. Protection is helpful against casters + melee as well. It increases your defence by 50% if I'm not wrong. 3k def >> 4.5k kinda op, I'd choose protection over quake, it misses sometimes but protection always works.

    True but, say goodbye to kitting with 1 quake, also, quake is very helpful with lab runs and dungeons.
  8. LOL!, this guy wants to nerf all sentinel classes and buff the legions' (while all the legion's classes are either balanced or op)



    Sham is op


    Lock is op


    Rogue is op


    Barb is balanced WITH NOOB GEAR, if he wears op shit then he's op


    Same thing for dks


    Necros are balanced (can only reach the op stage when its amped + the user is skilled)



    Legion's classes ≥ Sentinels'


    If you can't beat someone then train/amp yourself rather than making THREE fail topics crying about classes

    Both sides have equal op classes, don't give me the legion>sentinels
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