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  1. i never hurt anyone in game and if you talking about devs so im sorry but they hurt more ppl than me many ppl cried bcz of them so its justice to hurt person who hurt other.
  2. Hello im zinker from US sapphire im fool
  3. i think in US saphire server elf got that boss first
  4. ya right noobs are stronger now with force of money not with skills :crazy:
  5. its 3:20am Indian time and game kickd me all servers down suddenly :unknw: :unknw:
  6. hey admins start the game or topic will never end [PEACE] :friends: :give_rose:
  7. ya right, y to sell weapons to enemies to make them strong so they can kill u next time? just for few gold coins?
  8. i think sodiac thought i cant see him
  9. Same in elf sum russian posting links
  10. vote me i will change warspear all mc stuffs for free fast lvl up new islands new boss luxury stuffs for free. 8) :lol:
  11. game is balanced for me just need team work
  12. will game support nvidia 3d vision in future? 8) :lol:
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