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    Mrfaze got a reaction from Sirkingzi in Create your boss!   
    Roland.. Um u guys should like research some manga or anime cuz some of these bosses look copy written >.>
    not busting anyone out but just saying lol
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    Mrfaze got a reaction from dennisj007 in ::*Archelaos - the Soulist*::   

    Lets start from day one, a man named Macedon who lived with the Chosen. Macedon was different from the other chosen, he caught on to the teachings of magic spells a lot faster than other students. He would learn the most difficult spells in just a couple days, When it took others Months to learn. Jealousy grew amongst the people of chosen, even teachers envied him. Other kids became distant by avoiding him, as time went on Macedon only grew in hi asceeding power, as he spent most of his life alone. Macedon promised to protect the chosen no mater what even if he was look at different or looked down on. He would practice his craft far from his village, where he could be most alone. This was Macedon's sanctuary where everything was peaceful. One morning, while Macedon was at his place of sanctuary, an attack took place back home, but because macron was so far away he didn't here a thing. When macron returned, he had seen the reckoning. He was so sorrowful and the people of the chosen blamed him . In result of a such an event, chosen outcasted macron forbidding his return. Macedon went on blaming him self for week, saying it was his own fault. He stubbled on a dark place on his weary journey, a place known as the Forsaken. there he found new family, where he was loved by everyon. People were fond of his powerful skills in witchcraft. After so long of feeling sorry for himself Macedon grew angry. From there on out Macedon sought to seek revenge for his out cast at such a young age. he Changed his name from Macedon to Archelaos a name with a lot more meaning than his old self. he studied every spell he could possibly learn, and developed his own wizardry. then the day came where he went own his journey to go back to the Island called Chosen and slay everyone. With Archelaos newly developed wizardry he took souls of the people that ever tried to appose or stand in his path making him more and more pwerful. ....

    As of this day
    no one know where archelaos is except that he was last seen in the cave of the pontifices.....
    chosen has to long prepare for the boy they turned their backs on....

    Archelaos is filled with rage very aggressive, will attack if with in 10 spaces of his area
    every 4 magic attacks he does physical damage by hitting the targeted hero
    Fetters of Justice: Blind all the enemies, in a certain radius, around Archelaos. They cannot move or use their skills, and their damage is reduced.

    Harad's Tear: hits everyone that is targeting him no matter the distance
    for instance- if u hit archelaos and your health bar blinks showing ur in combat
    when he activates his tear u will be hit no matter the distance
    Exhalation of Darkness: bewitches the hero's weapon in order to deal increased magic damage during the next common attack. The target will be stunned for a few seconds.
    Sap- Sapped header causes reduction of enemy's damage and attack speed.

    Calling: Summons 3 siprits
    spirits stats
    health 5,000
    def 2,000
    mdef 1,000
    Damage 400 physical

    Archelaos stats :
    Health 1,000,000
    defense 3,000
    magic resist 2,000
    magic damage 500
    physical damage 300

    should drop costume that looks just like archelaos also a staff skin such as the one archelaos weilds

    The last pick is what his ghost minions would look like :[
    Hop you guys like the concept like my boss please vote and thank you very much

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