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  1. Hello mates im a new player,Im planning on going under the name Myth.Id like to meet a bunch of wonder people and roadkill along the road
  2. lol alejandro come back.Thats if u can,and nice going on deleting bless' bd .ducked up but oh well.you said u told people your name was chris because u didnt trust them.Well chris was a different person on that ranger.come on now fam.I still remember how much fun u had blaming all your scamming on me,lol.
  3. Its amusing being "rich" in game doesnt mean ur rich in real life.mmm perfect example is duane.He had pro chars claimed to be rich but in reality ,he was a security guard if in correct.Dont mean that as a insult.My statement can easily go same for Mara.Since he broke a big eula rule (selling and trading) and is not getting banned;it should also work for me? Ive spent about $800,bought various acc and bunch of same class heroes just to feel superior.Wheres those $800 worth at?well they are banned ofc.Therefor if i got banned shouldnt maara be also?But if he isnt banned You can guess what other
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