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  1. 3set seeker of stamina.. all trash .. omg.. waste .. candy/cake/power/magic card .. wtf ..
  2. "Utilizer" and "Enchanted mixture" Doing what ? tell me ........... and Defying to ?
  3. r0land .. please give us the book oblivion, because an update is needed to reset the level 26 skill points. rich people are very easy to get. but for the lower-class people? , so ?????
  4. GM. for your apology we received. but, give us [book Of Oblivion] and chest .. read
  5. One important suggestion. why hotkey only 9 slot ? I think 12 / 13 slot hotkey to use skill, potion , scrool and the other for ease of use. please update its slot hotkey
  6. increase again button below .. it's a skill that only 9 slot .. build up to 15 slots. to facilitate the use skill.potion. and others. and The price of Books with expert skills when selling them to traders was increased to 10k gold. .. ohhhhhh myyyyyy gooooddddddddd.......
  7. ahhh maintenance.. how long time.. in facebook fans page not notify ... why ? omg
  8. nice.. im just lvl10 rogue.. lets make a war.. im behind to take screenshot :v
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