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    mokhtar got a reaction from Alonexpro in [2016.09.13] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Preview   
    idk why they made ranger skill melee !!! ranger isnt a walker like bd... its a runner!!! omg
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    mokhtar got a reaction from Ubaidlee in [2016.07.28] Meet new administrator!   
    i am hunting pteriks everyday for long hours i always drop bars def essences ... but today i hunted and i got belt lv24 in my 1st kills however i didnt get anything els no bars no def nothing for all the day hunting and my party always drom bars def... i dont know what's the problem it sems i am banned to drop or somthing like that mybe bcs i am hunting since update and i hunt too much so i want to know if its bug or there is a limite times for kill the boss pteriks
    pls reply me
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    mokhtar reacted to spek_kam_px in [2016.03.15] Warspear Online 5.6: The Honoring of the Spring King. Release   
    :/ if saying wait, then why forum moderator lying to peoples and saying game will be available after 6hrs?
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    mokhtar reacted to mokhtar in Battle for territories. General discussion.   
    Elf are overpopulated but not in war however mcs in war are overpopulated and elfs just afk bcs they know its useless to go war when 3-5ppl spam ls and u dong hv kill like warlook skill to stop them and mcs defanders much more than elf in attack.today all elf afk bcs none want waste his time so mc won 3-0 easly
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    mokhtar reacted to fkum777 in Drops   
    craft material drop from dungeon, better you go dungeon in snow bound lv 10 to get gloves, boots, belt, weapon, ring, and amulet.
    if you new player I suggest you to lvl up first, after lv 18 maybe you can start looking for equipment, and crafting will cost much money for starter.
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