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  1. Read books on how to train myself well looks like u need to get a job to learn how to amp yourself :^)
  2. i said lets pvp and you pussied out in world chat how embarassing maybe u shouldnt try to be a self proclaimed pro when ur chars Uber trash
  3. This is turtle cus i was banned for my post i guess by someone who doesnt agree with what i say and Dieinpeace can pvp me anytime ill always win the stats dont match up. Im much higher amp and ive played rogue since 011 So maybe hell surprise me im game for friendly pvp and Soon ill have arena rewards so it wont even be even close to a competition hes decent with a Decent dodge set but he uses arena armor which hampers ur dodge then uses non Dodge dg Equips ... Which hampers ur resi also below 3k Def
  4. Let Me Name whats wrong with this update. First Bds are commenting Trying to make it so there account isnt nerfed and if you say a real oppinion i get banned. So Julie That guy with a cus name in his User name and making more Degrading to a entire community and you love his oppinion but as soon as i post something in another topic u ban me cus i disagree with you? Thought you were better then that your become a Nazi Mod and its disgusting if u were in the pvpcave more id waste mcoins killing you for fun. On a Higher note besides the Corruption Inside the Forum. Shamans Earthqauke is us
  5. Love this Idea Honestly Would even be good for lv3 Arena Guilds ... To have a personalized Raid Boss would be amazing and also a place to be with guild members and no interuptions
  6. I agree Heavily.... Like what were the devs thinking.... Thats why so many low level Arena chars cus how unbalanced the Higher Arenas are
  7. I Completely Agree It ruins the 14 bracket too because everyone goes 13 and spams arena and makes lv14 items de appreciate in value like wth on another side note they should be forced to get drops from Isrelnort bosses because at lv13 your easily strng enough to solo them a lv10 and below at Map 1 not so much
  8. Dude i love this the video beginning is so badass do that for every beggining i wanna be in one now LMAO
  9. Negromancer means black mancer in spanish
  10. may i ask why you scribble out your name? and nice i get ganked even when full equip so why does naked matter XD
  11. Agreed Ferocity is one sided TOTALLY useless for all healing class as a enchant. And on melee it makes there dmg ridiculious i saw a +1 with lv23 Hatchets and full ice with ferocity enchants 500 base dmg no buff hit 1k on my Druid. no Crit Power hit No stealth And im +10 With Resil Enchants ....
  12. Yah Rune increase... Sorta Lame if anything you should now add sets for a discount like 10 pc = 200 Coins.... 1 pc = 39 put them on sale all frequently once per week give players and Devs major bank id certainly buy... Just a small suggestion!
  13. I Agree Bds Counterstrike Is still main source of blade dancers strength espiacally with Ferocity at its back.... Shaman egh i think heal Totem should heal a -1 less on each other and the heal itself be lowered. but earthqauke radius increased that skill Sucks.
  14. Anyone Else notice front screen was most Op Classes From Both Factions? just pointing it out..
  15. No its because they just fixed google play it was broken!
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