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  1. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=114768.0 making such threats, cussing and cursing on ppls families coz they let their richness give themselves a bigheads.. Instead of banning ppl who do this, all they say is hit "IGNORE" BUT we all know this will keep continuing even to ppl who are kids that play this game.. "HOW PATHETIC" Come on GM we all know ppl like that will always keep making new chars to pm ppl and start talkin crap, and with a rich person like him, if, if he sooooo much loves this game he will eventually make other chars and spend money on em, so in theory WARSPEAR won't miss out on his cash lol.. But seriously wuld u all like to be ignored and get pm'd like i did over n over
  2. Cannot complete caching update due to connection with server being lost :facepalm:
  3. Lmao forum attention seeking are ya mostxkillz.. ;) yup that is u ain't it.. *zips up* c u around sweet mouth :spiteful:
  4. CRiPSTiCK

    well im bored

    I'm bored so here I am 8) Just to let u haters read my signature :spiteful: Well enjoy reading it and post whateva the f u want coz I won't be reading it, BTW, I love it when u Hippocrates ss stuff I do or don't coz to me it actually shows ur nothing near the word "pro'fessional" as I am towards what I do or say. When the push comes to shove I can guarantee u all (haters, gankers) that at the end of the day I'll have ur pride ridding me like there's no tomorrow >:D
  5. thanks born i'll :pleasantry: NEED :pleasantry: all the hope i can get since i'v missed out for troll costumes lol :tease: oh and bro u got the link for green exterminator suit..?? just pm if u don't :)
  6. ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ clearly shows who's the kid here don't you think duane, idiotic fool.. grow up online keyboard warrior
  7. yes born iv done both easy and normal but still won't change my rep.
  8. new updates, new costumes, what else..?? MY REPUTATION STILL AINT FIXED YET WE GETTING ALL THESE UPDATES :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: oh great now i cant post a link from my android.. Anihalator the barbarian from U.S server has a reputation that was bugged from 2yrs ago and cannot still enter TOWERS in hard mode :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  9. please devs.. find the items that have the same similar icons and change them because this is a cause to people getting scammed by other people who use low level characters to do what they do, as i have experienced it last week by a character name called HUMPEIGU or close to it, who's now scammed many others doing the same thing..
  10. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=102683.0 No reply by DEVs..?? PLEASE FIX MY REPUTATION >:D>:D>:D
  11. Lmao.. here's another thing ur goin to learn about the game although it won't matter in the future coz ur acc wasn't created in the early versions.. Without my rep being 0 for chainless I CANNOT do towers in HARD mode..
  12. Yes and ty shitly.. I am an old player and stil am goin :) iv been playing this game for almost 3yrs now and I have seen many changes in this game.. I do miss the old times thou coz I could get mcoins real cheap back then :D but back to what I was gona spit out.. Since the time I have played this game I have not once scammed any1 and nore have i ever cheated in this game to get what I want.. I have had lost my acc once to a scamming site but proved I was the owner of it in order to retrieve it back.. for the past couple years now I can honestly say I have lost over 1mil of gold to a bunch of low life, poor scammers, but not once have I complained about it in forum.. as for "cheat engine", I looked that up once when I was asked about it in the game and yes Raislin it is available for androids.. however, I did not even think about downloading it because of what I know of how much DEVS can look into their system and find breaches of the fraud people do.. SO IF UR A FRAUD I WISH U LUCK.. ANYWAYS...DEVS PLEASE FIX MY REP :(
  13. Dafuk.. cheat engine..?? Clown, U and many wanabes would like to have shit like that to spit wouldn't u's.. quit thinking that many cheat on this game coz many ain't like u.. and the word cheat in this game only refers to "scam" which I'm sure u and or friends are familier with..
  14. Devs.... please fix my reputation as it shows I haven't completed chainless league when I know I already have completed every yellow quests that were ever available :face palm:
  15. Lmao your saying any leader rite..?? So if a leader was lv2 :D:D:D if any leader culd get that cloak and amulet then 90% of WARSPEAR will make their own guilds just to get it when they havn't done sshhiitt to EARN it.. lame post delete it :facepalm:
  16. Is that it..?? Caskets..?? No weekend specials..?? :sorry:
  17. Yeah i say its a nice surprise but u know what wuld be better..?? 50% extra miracle coins added a day before the weekend starts *hints out to GM* UH HMMM.. :give_rose:
  18. Lmao still sulking like a little girl are u aww do u likes balls..?? Coz i hav some u can play with :blush:
  19. Lier xD Devs heard my C.O.L (crying out loud) in world chat when i said "i dnt wana wait till the 23rd coz ill be at work" :yahoo:
  20. Is there an exact or specific date that Median Night will end..?? or will u guys update us on that info a day or 2 before it ends..??
  21. Lmao u potted while using a minion..?? Weak much..??
  22. That still shows u were scared to bring ur ranger pussy.. Like ganking my lv10 dnt u.. come try my barb with ur ranger come on.. Im waiting............ Aww pussy wont show up, i bet 200k on that..
  23. Aww u sad retards.. xshamy.. iv neva seen u ask me to pvp ur sham %) so stfu coz i hav no idea wtf ur on about.. Jizzinurmouth.. why u run away from me all the time when i log in..?? U dnt run when u hav back up do u..?? Well.. thats when the shit u talk about comes in.. "u hav back up" "me and myself use pots" whats the diff..?? Oh and btw.. what happened to that post u had about some other dude being gay..?? Did u delete it afta i commented in it about how gay u are for posting a pic that shows u asking pvprange if he wants to help u gank my sham..?? Well i dnt see the post no more BRO so whatsupp..?? As for all u other idiots who think im scared.. check urself.. i stay in my lv10 to keep doin arena coz i think its more fun than waiting for ppl to kill in the cave.. If u want to pvp against me then find the rite time to ask, coz as for myself im no bum who stays home playing WS all day.. i do work unlike most of u clowns and i do hav much more important things in my rl to worry about then some stupid pvp against idiots who think they better.. when my sham is is amped as exactly the same as ur pathetic char then im sure it wuld be an even fight.. As for now ya'll haters can keep haten coz at least rite here rite now im being pro about whats said, and not some stupid pathetic immature dweeb wanabe low life game freak who acts tough behind their screen.. So cheers big ears.. oh wait ya'll haters dont have any :facepalm:
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