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  1. Hey guys/girls where can I go to see about blocking/banning someone from game Can u please answer this question because I need to know fast Thank you all if u reply
  2. yes properly which is your best pokemon in the games/series
  3. I'm listening to Basshunter and this is for the guild in eu called Basshunter lets hope you do well
  4. will there be any gifts for us on warspear ???????????
  5. PLZZ give me 5 stars :) :)

  6. 21 jump street and yes the lvl20 bd which is now lvl 21 do you like 21 jump street?
  7. i agree with you but i don't know what that guy said after my post but i will say the question again do you know my character in eu? (look below for the name)
  8. I'm not sure do you know my character (look below to see the name)
  9. x2 axes are the best but i see many people with 1 axe and 1 sword but i think people do that to get better increase of attack speed
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