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  1. Questions: #1 still no new levels or island? :unknw: #2 you say spheres available in game world AND In mshop means we can buy with gold? :unknw: #3 sphere amplifies first bonus so say you have sword it amplifies your damage because its first bonus? :unknw: Very curious hope you have time to answer :blush:
  2. Clan wars :lol: jc vs clan of dragon maybe mc would win :unknw:
  3. 90% of people who say keep invis or idc about invis its balanced now have mcs lol :lol: come on who doesnt want to be over powered faction right? But its those noob rogues that use invis like 20 times in a matc to run and go hide I bet if fb had invis and WE did that all mcs would be crying too :lol:
  4. I think druids should get invisible... why you ask? First of all druids are weakest class in that they die easy second of all is that when rangers got scatter shot mcs cryed and cryed till shamans got a version of scatter shot (stun) NOW rogues got invisible so imo I think its fair for druids to cry now (like mcs did with scatter shot) and give druids ability to be invisible just a thought....
  5. "It's also not necessary to be logged into the game to get free tickets - all charges happens on the server side." You did state it in the first green post kuz and guys READ THE POST all the questions your asking are in the first post kuz posted :facepalm:
  6. Strongest blade dancers ive faced in arena are: ironhand , sonofman , savageking and dmarzo. Druids: havent really faced many strong druids :wacko: Rangers: koskiller , cevilone , constug and scout. Rogues: ive only faced afro I believe and hes strong. Barbs: of cource chronoz and dragnell Shaman: patahati My respect to all those ppl :drinks:
  7. Zhy


    Anyone else think it might be a good idea to add storage to store maybe quest items since you get like 15 dailies a day you might not have time to collect so many things then you can already have them in storage :) what do you guys think? (of cource for later updates since we just had major update) also we really need new skills xD I wasnt sure were to post this idea so sorry if I posted it in a wrong place noob here haha
  8. Mc's get wooped every day by fb hahaha :lol: to bad chronoz never takes screenshot of that lol
  9. Zhy

    Scammer on Emerald

    Lmfao dude you didnt get scammed its,actually a cheep price for it since it cost real money to buy :lol:
  10. Yea my druid looks like a homo in pink :facepalm: please give us old colors back (black not red).or make it do we can choose what colors we want so we dont all look the same :) please and thank you.
  11. Nicee balance is great regeneration could use alitle boost tho both health and energy also mobs still kick butt unless theres 2 partys atleast and,5 per party really doesnt help please change it back to 8 or extend it to 10 if possible but other than that game is great!! :)
  12. I could kill the green guards of the cave by kamp-riff like nothing after update cant even get them to half health then I die.... :facepalm: ................................ US-sapphire firstborn. Zhy-level 15 Xxzhyxx-level 15 Kakazu-level 13
  13. I really do hate server maintanance :facepalm: but oh well if its needed it needed. …………......................... firstborn. sapphire. ZHY==r4 druid Xxzhyxx==r4 blade dancer Kakazu==r4 ranger
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