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  1. Cool update, from the templar's skill description it looks to be way more formidable than the cheiftan.
  2. Good job devs more mcs will quit or go elf! Excellent!!
  3. Cellous

    Hunter Out

    I feel u bruh, it’s MC/Forsaken entirely. They keep missing the ball on this, it’s like they don’t even listen to the people playing the game MC on sapphire is pathetic the servers overrun by elf’s and the developers won’t even give any effort on trying to find a solution. Yet they keep ripping out the hearts of loyal Mc players I won’t spend a dollar until they fix 4 yards on hunters pathetic stun, at least gimme 5 yards before the bd sends me to my doom
  4. Cellous

    Hunter Out

    Its been fun but i think its time to hang my MC rebirth project up. U guys have reworked/ nerfed my beloved wl to death and now youve continued to to peel away from the hunter. If we had of gotten a reworked active expert skill turning it into passive and maybe a yard of range on our pathetic 4 yard stun i might of fought to stomach the delay u imposed on ranged weapons. But i love you guys anyway, just seems like you've been beefing up elfs quite unusually lately Druids could already root us! (Ranged character) from 5 yards away now u got the bds rolling up uncontested with the hammer its been real much love✌
  5. Can you guys please think about taking the conditions for Shadow Sphere off its kinda lame thinking that you'll never get to see your strongest direct damage attack and a grimoire combination ever happening
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