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  1. Sir r0land, why symbian still 4.11.1? And when update new client of symbian user?
  2. Not For light version? Symbian* can i download. and got new client now?
  3. Hot fixes Sound All sound bugs were fixed and music is back again on all except Symbian devices. All version or only full version ??
  4. VOTE http://www.bestappever.com/android/v/mmgm/2/com.aigrind.warspear
  5. yes i know. 4.11.1 only in status installation. but in client still v4.10.1
  6. sir roland!!! why symbian in status installation v4.11.1 but in label application still v4.10.1
  7. yes, i go dungeon 5 lvl , 20x stamina i got 8x cocktail item and got 2x deff 1. wtf.
  8. [email protected] can added indonesian language for symbian or create new default warspear of indonesian version?
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