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  1. yes, sindy ^^ which server u are all on?
  2. all the long time and FoF still exists thats nice ^^
  3. i am that druid lol yes but only logged in to see the game lol how are u sindy? ^^
  4. If cheza change the hair color, we will change the clan color :lol:
  5. I like jessica's profilpic ;) A beautiful girl :give_rose:
  6. Happy birthday, sokpot :yahoo:
  7. Dont worry my friends I dont want to quit the game but i am really busy this year Sometimes I go online :friends:
  8. The blue guard is my boss :blush:
  9. And we need a bankclerk :lol:
  10. They can control underground horror with special skill :lol:
  11. Two rogues killed two parties because all elfs are naked :lol:
  12. I want to post it but you are faster :blush:
  13. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=oSL-r9AIEEU
  14. Yes and enjoy your emo girl :lol:
  15. Same name like elf :good:
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