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  1. i hv bg set armor full enchan, max level 18, and max lvl skill 5,, but still useless for me.. :'( maybe sakray lucky at that times,,, if u see skill rogue clearly, the effect rogue skill just for 2 times enemy hits, then ur accuracy back to normal... like rainbowz say long time ago rogue and ranger hv same skill, can invisible and can use a bow,, but now, unbbalance skill :facepalm: my dream is rogue have skill teleport to behind/beside enemy and made enemy didnt atk me :blush: thats the real "kick in the back" :diablo: wish come true, the balance war..... :drinks: ------- @the post below me, dont talking i killed u/u killed me in here,, it's not a good topic :wacko:
  2. i'm rogue.. the skill rogue is useless for me,, dodging skill is just for run away, but i dnt want run when pvp or atk boss.. :diablo: and decreasing accuracy, the skill name is "kick in the back" but i didnt fill it like kick in the back :wacko: just for decreasing accuracy for 2 times enemy hit, and some times just only 1 doge hit from enemy, or never dodge hit.. i never use that skill, just waste my energy and hit timing... :facepalm: rogue really need fresh new skill :bomb:
  3. hey i didnt say any name here.. do u think legionn hacking acount? :shok: fix ur brain bro :fool: i dont care if he hv many friend. who care? :unknw: and u must know I never jealous to anybody in the fb,, if u was killed me its noting special, I was killed by many elf before.. it just game, dont look like stupid childish :facepalm:
  4. udah sakray jgn malu2in org ah, w klah cz gk pke item drop.. :blush: you are welcome sanbanyo :drinks: I enjoy the game because I have lots of friends,, :friends: unlike someone who has no friends, no one helped him, and then he hacked the account someone.. and many ppl hated him.. very so sad,, :facepalm: he will not be able to get up from his own nightmare.. :diablo:
  5. i fill have same problem in rogue.. different heal regen... :(
  6. because no many mc are lvl 18 in shappire :facepalm: u just doing 1vs1 with noob :facepalm:
  7. pndkr


    hi there, skill rogue "attack of despair" was hanged to "kick in the back" does it work? i think that skill useless :facepalm: what do u think about that skill?
  8. daily kill enemy make ppl going crazy.. lol but how if we make peacefull in cave area like in berengar guard.. its made hard if enemy in there.. -.-
  9. plesae change skill rogue "kick in the back" its not working and useless
  10. thats good idea,,, :rofl: lets see whats new after update.. ;) and hope didnt delay update.. :drinks:
  11. i hope rogue can attack from far, fly knife like a bow.. so it will balance with ranger.. :D
  12. congratz bro.. :drinks: only certain people can survive in mc shapire, and they are the best player :good:
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