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  1. U will move this probably, and I'm sorry.
  2. I see alot that us- sapphire players want categories exclusively for us- sapphire seeing that we want information from players from our own server. Which I do as well, I'm not trying to make a problem but fix some of the crazyness that happens. There is always gonna be drama (me running my own guild I know) but maybe some more detailed categories will help pass info to us- sapphire players easy. PS. Please don't be mean to me I'm just trying to help I like warspear! I plan to make my guild a "Toury guild" to help all player earn rewards and just make warspear for us- sapphire more friendly that's all..
  3. Omg so much help love all of you
  4. KingCree

    Guild: Thunder

    Looking for players to join I need 2 more heir to help run it message me if you would like to help.
  5. Need help, what are the most affective skill build for pally??
  6. Btw I'm new to the forum so if someone already ask this sorry
  7. Hi I'm Kingcree Leader of the "Thunder" Guild (now accepting players :3) at this point in my BD journey to becoming pro I just need to know what more helpful dodge, parry, or block. Right now I was going parry but I start to mix in dodge so I'm at 10.1Dodge and 10.1parry which should I focus on. Btw u not maxing the parry skill *z*
  8. I played a 5v5 and when I used it and landed it on 3 ppl :*
  9. No need to get mad. Mistakes happen, we all will just have to wait. :[
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