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  1. just did the same all mc were at map 4 for 4.2 update some good peoples helped me now only gridaur and bg guards left
  2. lol thank you for the free advice how to give karma?? pm
  3. guys whatever you think,i just know that chainless is very hard there should be some solutions so players play this game with more comfort
  4. If you talking about difficult,why dont they give level 5 players to kill snorlar?? it would be fun to die there
  5. Guys,i want to share my story. here it is i started this game on 01-94-14 i played as bd (raterplou),i liked the game and leveled up and gained lvl 12 then i reached map2 it was a bit hard for me but i managed the game was going good for me,but at lvl 15 i got something like chainless league,it gave me quest ''granite guard'' i left the quest,then i reached lvl 18 it was more fun,but at lvl 19 version 4.0.0 announced and it also announced that maximum level is now lvl 22...i was soo happy....i reached lvl 20 i thaught i can go map 3 now but there were to quest i asked my friend
  6. so what i just wanted +1 karma :'( not your whole day
  7. guys my story is i have played this game from lvl1 and i am at level 13 now but actually i didnt get any drpos from bosses the thing i get that was sphere of defence enchantment at first map and sphere od defence enchantment 2 at second map :cray: :cray: :cray:
  8. you can find these items on bosses dungeos and even tower.........you can buy them in second hand dealer shop if you like hit +1 karma please :blush:
  9. you can get etheral catalyst from the second hand market and in tower ..............and you can even get lvl 18 weapons in tower so do tower and have fun :clapping: and dont forget to +1 karma please :blush:
  10. it happens with me too............ :sorry: i had killed dinalt the ghostwalker.......and ice narwal captian...........and many more bosses those level are more that me but didnt get anything :'( :cray:
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