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    wtfll089 reacted to Corona virus in What is wrong with NBK?   
    Naw they gank whenever they get pissed and support those who do gank.
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    wtfll089 reacted to wtfll089 in What is wrong with NBK?   
    elva and dili they one ones I enjoy lol
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    wtfll089 reacted to xicantwinxx in Us-Sapphire's Top Players Of 2014   
    for me tpain best play this year .. first get lv 20 weapon +10 and set full arena .. and too bcz manys haters xD    just my opinion ...
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    wtfll089 reacted to tpain in EULA-rules, read them   
    why u cant bann hassn?
    u r just A MONEY SUCKER OR SUCK THE DICK OF THAT PERSON WHO IS RICH :fool: :fool: :facepalm:
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    wtfll089 reacted to Mecha in EULA-rules, read them   
    I tried to warn people not to sell, buy or trade accounts. I told them not to come to forum crying when they get blocked. And they laughed. Now they are here crying. I guess its my turn to laugh.
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    wtfll089 reacted to pauuliuus3 in [2015.02.17] Warspear Online 4.7: Birth of the Tempest. Release.   
    Gm should create dark elf on elf side and ranger should come to mc side xD
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