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  1. See imma be like u an blame lag,. Lmfaoo bro u makein me laugh IM NOT SET UP FOR PVP LIKE WTF GET OFF MY DICK ok imma buy book an switch an see how far u get.And u didnt evn signal. But u say it was a pvp. I didnt even get a change to signal,
  2. I know enough. An i live n the country i have shit service, and i dont like pvp so why do i care??? Becouse i really dont.. like i said if u had normal gear same lvl an all no amp no nothing then we will see who wins. If not stfu. An stop hateing on me. Your thr one who came out the blue an called me noob for no apparent reason. Oh wait maybe its bc dont spend 400 $ just to amp everything to 10 , i have a life an 2 jobs, its just a game,an im still one of the oldest ppl in this game, rather u like it or not, an why blame lag??? Everybody lags not just u. An how am i embarrassing my self?? Your amp 10 an u talk shit for no reason, and u post video of wastlesss time that was pointless trying to make me look like a fool an everybody knows your just a lifeless dick. But its cool imma stop wasteing my time on you on this conversation bc u seriously got this post all wrong its call best players if 2014 not lest all hate on wtfl, bc thats what u r doing. If u wanna pvp with no amp gear or no ruins pm me an we can but like i said i had one of the best druids befor m coin even came out an u goin to talk shit oh im a noob please i dont need to amp to 10, an its even sad that your amp 10 an u talk shit.just stop hatein an get back to the topic of what leggion put on top of 2014 best players.
  3. ONLY BC OF AMP TEN IF HE HAD NO AMP HE WOULD BE CRAP i had one of the best druid befor amp even came out,ever body is amping an they talk shit bc they beat a amp 7 an 6 an think theyr pro.
  4. An your still amp 10 full get normal gear an ill get normal gear an we wil see, an your not humiliating me its sad u haft to amp to 10 an u think your so called pro an your not,an its kinda sad. U amp 10 an u talkin shit. duck holloween an all tht bs, or just wait imma amp up dis week an switch to pvp an we can settle this,
  5. Once again im not set for pvp, i dont care for pvp, but i will switch an ill show u all, an the rediption skill if u use a pro skill theirs a 1 second wait so if u uses thr skill it will pause bc of thr new rule of thr 1 sec wait so their for its useless so but u know i dont know the game once again another bs player thinking he knows everything. Then they use the stunn skill on top of it cant do anything, fir at least 10 secs
  6. Imma buy book an switch to pvp an we can go again, im set for dgs not pvp
  7. Bro your so ********. Your so off topic, why not just get lvl 12 shit no amp an no ruins an settle it.. if not stfu an get over it. Bc not matter what u say u still cant say ive been playing as long as i say i have bc i have proof. So go takr your amp 10 ass an shovee it up
  8. And he plays on a computer an im on small phone. he puts stupied video of full amp 10 ruins an crystal at green an he talks shit for beating a amp 7 with amp 9 staff. That proves nothing just high amp
  9. First off your full amp over me. Second whatdoes this prove. The argument was over that im not a old player an i have most of thr plauers knowing how long i played, thar video just shows u haft to be high amp , an your amp 10, i got u down to half health, an your amp 10, an u say im a noob
  10. Why u allways talkin like u the boss, u didn't even read the convo.an I could care less it's just a game An I'm not addicted like most are.
  11. I care because? I'm never on thus site anyways
  12. Idc lol he wouldn't of open his big ass mouth n the first place. . Please legion lock it for God's sake
  13. Lol bro bc I did beat tpain. Have u? ?? An the only reason I don't have new gear is bc I don't need it. Lol bro I'm one of the oldest players of this wack game. An u cAll me a "teenager" but u keep trying to argue over a game. An no if I loose I don blame lag, I say good job or nice. Idc if I win or loose because I don't have set up for pvp. Like I said idc for pvp. But u kno if u like killing a low amp then ok, it won't be easy.
  14. So Roland do u only talk to ppl u know or is it a off an on thing with u. Or,did u even get my message :[ I hVe some serious questions an hopein u can give,me some,straight up answers to. Ty
  15. I'm so glad teleport area is gone:D so happy. And,killer clown is so mine. Will we be able to get customs n chest as well as last time? And when is update. Can someone show me,the emos again because the list doesn't show up on my phone. ty
  16. That's 99% of the time :sleep: it's sad. But oh well one thing I like about Mc is that they stand together and elf don't. Elf to lazy. But if I ever make a guild it will be like,elva just because of the family rule. U know? But we wouldn't gank as much as they do:-D :-D :-D :-D
  17. elva and dili they one ones I enjoy lol
  18. Lol a bunch of noobs who need to gank bc they can't win n pvp. I'm not SCARD u kno how many time ie been,on n off kos lol duck nbk or just change name no delete An they all hind behind elva. They gank and they lose an they tell elva we ganed them an we didn't they GANKED us an failed
  19. First off, I'm a priest, what do u want me to do? ?? Just stand their??? An second negative, is still full amp ten with added ruins n crystals.. An he still talks shit what for??? So prove that someone hast to spend a shit load of money to get high amp an added crystals? ?? Uhhh that just means u have no life
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