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  1. I never said it wasnt free for main update,, support is missing that the lvl incresse should be main focus rather then massive pvp
  2. Ive played for the longgest,, n yea i spen billions. . Expression guys,. But still he has a point. U spend your hard erned money just for somethin to get block.. but and ive been accused of doin something and account would get blocked.. u guys should fix or come up with a better system. Of blocking ppl. Its funny thwir was a ranger and a barb same name and all both were blocked but the barb was my main at the time and support unblocked the ranger but i sent them a message sayin it wasnt mmine and the block the rangerand give me my barb.. they keep sayin the barb was blocked after unblocking the ranger that wasnt mine .. so support gave me a free account that i didnt want... and support needs to fix support.. just saying ps rangers is unusable. .
  3. Its funny most of everybody is worryied about pvp.. an not lvl increses.. n yes their being greedy.. 399 for emos and everyother app gives u for free .. yea i wont waste hard earned money anymore untill lvl is increses. ... all im going to say,
  4. First i just wanted to say. That the facebook idea is completely stupied. People r hackin facebook like carzy, second the smile emos r stupied why pay for emos :! An this hole new pvp thing is kinda stupied aswell yea the games is called "warspear" ive played this game about the longest, me n legion... and all that ever is a update is pvp or m coin.. why not lvl increase. Or oh wait new open of 4 map. I dont get it. Love the idea i dont get why were still at ma lvl 24. An u guys get billions just on m coin sale an signs ... wtf is takein so long for increased lvl... and formost this game is a phone game after this update idk if im going to be able to play on my phone.. and for the guilds. Wtf thanks for the guild decrease and the less signs... but hey what about the people who cant afford signs or cant increase lvl of guild bc they cant afford it. U guys help all ppl who can afford the stuff on sale but the ppl who cant.. but hey guess i gotta wait longer for increase on lvl its bad enough u have alot of ppl who op over price lvl 22 stuff so everybody is stuck at lvl 19 equips if u really wanna help make gear n market set price. Thx, wtfl
  5. Sorry for this.... but Gm why r u makeing rogues more shittier and shittier with every up date... I've played dis game for 6+.. and u guys focused on bd Like is their new attack a area attack??? It don't make since to me. .. and I love da new. Costume :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D. And stop focuseng on one side and make both equal with good skills. .
  6. Six shadows quest s stupied. .. it's a waste of time. Since new map u haft to wait like a month or more to complete quest. I say it. Should be open to guild members or every one so we don't wait for ever to complete itr
  7. It isn't right, bc elf will never let mc get cl done. . Thanks for everything but if we can get cl done then how we go to neo map if cl can never get finished
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