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  1. Truth is One, many server cant kill. them make this boss for we farm and fun, +say 1pt can kill when 1 server cant need change something or delete this boss
  2. but on us sapphire black elm not work, need change something, or we cant kill
  3. black elm minions change next update? Tell us a little bit of info if you see on the concept..
  4. if need active all arena category put sign in arena shop 1pcs 300-500arena point, maybe this is normal price....
  5. Him say craft accessories... Nice devs can bit active game until season end))
  6. r0land first over spiring event and after come arena update? its true?
  7. i agree, game is boring now, need new torun rewards, new free farm like old lab farm, use ur time for that more better then make The worthless events and new dungeons, why waste time for make new lab? no one doing there just doing for kronus... and need blanace items prices, wpn price is very low and gears high...
  8. hello dear snorlax what about black elm and his mobs? on us sapphire still not have defeat he.. we 50-70 players trying kill many times but 500k hp after he Revives many mobs and we all died always. anything changes soon? sry, for bad eng..
  9. 3% r0land can put 2x pene book? and get 3+3%..?
  10. I like my mage his utility and barrier.. no need choose other class... But This retribution rune is new and for other class is good, only for mages bad coz destroy barrier effect. I just not like this... If it's easy for fix then do pls. If hard or can't then it's ok no more way.. Sorry for my bad English
  11. if needed help can bring my friends and kill any... but i talk 1vs1 when no need others help... another situation mage is good...
  12. What about barrier problem? Can fix? Or its ok if mage more weak?
  13. Still mages sucks in pvp they don't have any good skill for pvp, Barrier was quite helpful but not much, now its also useless, If you will add new expert skill, then add skills which can help mages in pvp... Warlock got many good skills, sometimes even +10 bd cant beat them.. But even a +8 any class can beat +10 mages.. easily.. I worked for my mage a lot, have all arena award +10 but still cant kill other +8-9 class.. please no ignore it... ty
  14. If mage attacks anyone who got retribution rune inserted in his weapon, its makin mage skill quite useless, Since mage gets few % of dmg back when he hits and that dmg is very less Like 5-7 depending upon the magic dmg of mage. So it destroys the mage shield. So please make some changes in mage shield... Its making mages very noob in pvp...
  15. i not undestand.. all get amul and hood.. me rank1 in 2x2 26lvl and not get award. fix its pls...
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