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  1. Necro dont need more stunts even fears, necro need dmg or any combo like snake-spit
  2. Being honest necro its a bitly outdated, new skills bitly useless only work to control agro and dmg its low, really low (I main necro) But if u use right combo win any pvp so it is rare.
  3. Wew, gz new hosting, 2 maintenances and now lagging/connecting lol
  4. Hope host german or french, are best at europe, anyway ty devs, I hope change to win performance and not coz cheapest host :[
  5. Atleast account recover, just be patient.
  6. Im actually at that guild, nice members, god attitud, awards. We waiting u at EU server
  7. Same for me only my necro cant be loggin. My device its nokia lumia 520. Username: dkmastaaaa. Please restart my position.
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