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  1. Gente, ainda não entendi como funciona este evento, alguém me explica como participar, por favor?
  2. Aí os links para não precisar ir longe para procurar Android: http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.0.0/test/warspear.apk Pc: http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.0.0/test/warspear.exe
  3. The Potion Master A long time ago in Arinar, there was a chemistry teacher, who carried out incredible studies on the union between science and magic. His consumables quickly became known throughout the kingdom, his name was Verinnus. He became famous for creating healing potions and potions that gave the great warriors of Arming unbeaten forces. Verinnus traveled the world in search of the perfect ingredients for the perfect potion, met many with whom he could share his plans, but no one was as evil as Gairan. Gairan was a young chemistry student who at the beginning of his career had been enchanted by Verinnus's alchemical theses, and had decided to have him as his master. Verinnus prided himself on the boy, who had the gift of potions, but something bad came from the boy. During the years he spent in the House of Ruin, conducting experiments in the dungeon laboratory with the help of Iago and Gairan, Verinnus realized that the prodigal boy had overcome him. Verinnus was not pleased to discover Gairan's plans, which consisted in creating potions for destruction. There is a rumor in Nadir that Gairan would have created a potion that leaves people beside themselves with an aggression in the gaze and that he to mock people who took this potion named him a potion of chaos ... But this is another history. Master and apprentice disagreed and Gairan imprisoned Verinnus, Gairan did not listen to his master, in his head, the master with all the knowledge he possessed, could dominate the world of Arinar, causing all bow to him. But his master told him that potions disturb people's lives, and life is the greatest treasure we can possess. If our knowledge is used to end life, it would be worthless. Gairan turned his back on Verinnus and used him as a guinea pig for his evil experiences for a long time. Over the years, Verinnus had been utterly deformed by his apprentice's many test wells, but even with his hideously modified exterior, his mind of genius prevailed. One day Verinnus managed to flee away, wandered hiding in the latrines of cities, spent years without more news of his apprentice, but carried in the countenance the mark of his badness. His skin became slimy like mud, mossy like the water of a swamp. His face now carries disfigured features that would make a person unrecognizable. His body acquired unique camouflage abilities, its members could take on forms of weapons and tools. His heart became something eternal which conferred immortality, his eyes could see in the dark. The Alchemists of the Chainless League found, welcomed and cared for him, as they knew the story about the Potions Master. They presented him with a secret laboratory at Nadir so that he could continue his studies in exchange for knowledge that he alone possessed over potions. Some say he was seen walking through Iselnorth territory in search of ingredients for a supreme potion he would be creating. This potion is his trump card against the wickedness of Gairan, and he knows that Gairan will never discover his plans under the protection of the Chainless League. Great Mage-tailors of Arinar created a fantasy based on what they heard about their appearance. So that all would be aware that a being of a monstrous physicist could also possess an infinite goodness towards the people of Arinar, and the mind of a genius is not shaken when the evil of others afflicts his people. Some say they have seen some people fantasizing about Verinnus to support their cause against the misuse of potions. Join the cause of Verinnus. Let us be all masters of potions. ============== I'm sorry for the drawing, but I just heard about the contest at the last minute. Below is a rough draft of the main idea and a pixel version of the costume. http://i.imgur.com/12YhsGP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/a5rEmWL.gif Good luck to all the participants!
  4. Greetings! Sorry for English because I'm using the translator. People, I have registered in the forum a long time but, never posted! These contest-related posts are my first! First of all I would like to congratulate the team that is organizing the contest! It is not flattery but this contest is a great way to increase the players' participation and also to expand the possibilities of routes that the history of Arinar can take. Well, I only heard about this contest now, about to end. I will do my best, to make it still time to participate. Wish me good luck.
  5. Meu irmão, meus parabens! Uma obra de arte incrível. Acaba de me inspirar a participar.
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