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  1. if dont reset daily i dont care ok .. go make all players have fun after finis all MT ok, maybe all will be tired or more :D. So give all players free something :D. that is will be happy all player after finis haha. Maybe xdxd
  2. Bored. Go update new war please :D. War Chip tower maybe will be hot. War ws must just quest cc :D that is bored .. Like RF online.
  3. For what use symbian if still auto exit game if go to map 4 and swamp xd. Better delete/closed OS in this game. maybe will be in the best
  4. what happen in us shappire xd still close server
  5. Nice idea xd lab quest got much cc . I love u
  6. Ora ndue duit ndo tuku pulsa .. Kirimi pulsa ndless sing ndue .. Hahaha pan ndo isi kuota data :D
  7. oh in here hahaha xd. Just simple, I like this game and still on with long ago
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