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  1. if dont reset daily i dont care ok .. go make all players have fun after finis all MT ok, maybe all will be tired or more :D. So give all players free something :D. that is will be happy all player after finis haha. Maybe xdxd
  2. Bored. Go update new war please :D. War Chip tower maybe will be hot. War ws must just quest cc :D that is bored .. Like RF online.
  3. For what use symbian if still auto exit game if go to map 4 and swamp xd. Better delete/closed OS in this game. maybe will be in the best
  4. what happen in us shappire xd still close server
  5. Nice idea xd lab quest got much cc . I love u
  6. Ora ndue duit ndo tuku pulsa .. Kirimi pulsa ndless sing ndue .. Hahaha pan ndo isi kuota data :D
  7. oh in here hahaha xd. Just simple, I like this game and still on with long ago
  8. how u want fix with symbian e63 with RAM normal 70mb with this game can be 40mb RAM haha symbian always close game if go to new map and Norland swamp.
  9. for what a new skill ranger there haha
  10. are just me alone cant open this sweety game? Or someone cant to open new file? . 15x download and chace cookies all trash finis me delete, but what wrong? Why still cant open sweety game :D .. Serious this make me hurt .
  11. E63 still cant open :( .. Before i got messej from u but still cant open game.
  12. still cant open game E63 .. Please fix easy file for symbian
  13. Warspear v3.13 (2) symbian Hey come look my problem .. What this Warspear v3.13 (2) symbian, i cant open this version, i need play WS come fix my problem.
  14. im have problem with E63 nokia Symbian .. I finis download and ready instal but i cant open game, why i cant open? Are there have file error or what, please dont make symbian RIP
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