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  1. Omg, why would need to be nerfed again?u not satisfied yet? Now warden is like no use in pvp. Only tanky in dg, don’t make me feel even worse.
  2. This is the day of my free times and it’s the only day I can enjoy gaming the most. Please tell me you did something I just can’t understand why this took almost 3 days and still not completed the process. Just imagine everyone is enjoying spamming and getting stuffs,And yet, I got times but painfully can’t do anything .And my guild is in needy of people to help them in tournament. OMG worst day ever!!!!
  3. The app need to be updated to login but i still cant see the update file in Appstore since last 6 hours. Please do something!! I'm bored to dead now.
  4. anyone know how to add image here ?? I really don know wat to do now
  5. long years ago there was a huge war btw elder of paladin n darknight ... they both was injured and the earthstone appear in the gladiator and jump up to them and kill them with his powerful skill ... and two elder of elf n mc were died ... the earthstone took their amour and spear for his generation for his new master in a secret cave ... and the earthstone have procted it for thousansd unless his new master appear ....to control btw elf n mc .. ability include 1 earthquik stun the who play wit seriously damage stun for 4min 2 root for a lower HP in the area 3 attract the lower HP in the area 4 could jump up to the attracted HP included 4M mama include 2M attach file
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