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  1. Can't find it anywhere.. :cray: There are a few guys here that need a few :P lol
  2. Jaiwar

    HELLO! :)

    Hey guys and girls, loving the game! :pleasantry: I'm currently playin on Emerald and looking for a good gang! I'm afraid that my lifestyle is so random, I may be on and off a lot without warning, but hope someone out there can understand and maybe give me a leg up! :P lol Catch ya IG! :clapping:
  3. Now that's really useful! Thanks a million man! :rofl:
  4. Haha..I'm a noob, but I really love them.. ;) Wish my smilies would end up like this on a normal phone when I sent a text.. lol :crazy:
  5. So I went for totally health regen.. that is effectively my Rogue.. what other stats are really important do you guys think? Suggestions would really help! ;D Cheers, J
  6. That's a great Idea! :) I know that the Devs have a ton of stuff on atm, but, man wouldn't it be handy! :)
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the reply.. you really know how tomake a noob feel at home! :) @kuzmich.. Hey, I totally understand that! I've worked as a PR guy for numerous IT firms across europe and I get that the tech doesn't always fit.. and seriously.. great job on your own keyboard.. man, it's all way above any skills I'd have and kudos to you guys for developing it! :) Something that might help (and I have my trusty N8 in hand while I'm typing! :P ) is to sort this out.. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=960.0 ... please notice the very last post.. The keyboard wo
  8. First off, great game Devs! :pleasantry: Really enjoying it! :lol: I had a few simple ideas that might make it a bit more enjoyable for new players though.. Firstly, my first character ran out of quests as far a I could see, and then he got stranded on Irselnort with no gold and, as a lvl 1, couldn't get back.. seen a few posts up here of the same nature, so why not back the return trip free? Or at least chuck in a few low lv beasties to kill to earn some gold for the trip back? I loved the game and so made a new char and started again.. Now have a lv 3 Rogue and I'm ki
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