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  1. I plan on making a mountain clan toon on emerald after I hit rank 5 on my ranger. Prepare for a challenge boys..
  2. MrCokes


    You know where to find me
  3. MrCokes


    ...or however the hell you spell your name it brings a big smile to my face everytime I kill you :) so get used to it. screenshots soon :)
  4. Ya not many people have been on lately it seems like.. I'm down to group for genie bro cuz I still need it but we need at least 4 ppl. I'm about to give out my cell # so ppl can get ahold of me when they're online. Lol
  5. Not sure if I'm putting this in the right section of the forum but... I need a group to kill genie. Write me here or pm me in game. Thanks :)
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