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  1. Temple of fire In zone protection can stay 5s
  2. Sorry for misstakes,my english no best. I want a application or a site with all information from warspear. 1. Skills info. a. What do this skill. b. How much damage/heal/shield damage c. How calculate damage and procents. 2. Weapon info. Damage for +0,+1,...,+9,+10. 3. Armour info. Defence for +0,+1,...,+9,+10 4 Cristals and Runes. How much procents/damage for all lvl . 5.how calculate damage hero because i try calculate damage for me hero but when finish - is incorect. 6.how much likely is for upgrade for +1,+2,+3,...,+9,+10. This is my ideea. Who want this ideea say next namber.!!!! (for number all people who want my ideea.) Now, namber is ......1.... (Ex: i like so coments next namber. If is 1-i coment 2,if is 956-i coment 957).
  3. Salut! Si.eu.am.cont.pe.eu-ermerald bisharp(rogue).lvl.13 extro(barbar).lvl.13 acedk(dk).lvl.7 biisharp(ranger).lvl.7 zyku(bd)lvl.8
  4. atentie.la.conturi! Un.roman.fura.conturi!(andi) a.avut.contul.andytiger are.conturile.:druidandy-la.elfi.si.la.mc-gokusuprem,cromatico,angelskydk
  5. vand.cont.cu.rogue.si.warlock.de.2o.plus.un.dk.de.13. 35o.ooo.gold.la.elf.sau.3k.miracle.coin
  6. am.caractere.pe.eu-ermelard gokusuprem-lvl.2o cromatico-lvl.2o angelskydk-lvl.13.(in.crestere)
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