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  1. who ever want war tell them to bring their best then some more they going to need it 8) F.o.F fight with honour you want a fight you got it dont ask twice :friends:
  2. guys no point in accusing or pointing fingers it wont get it done any quicker but it is getting more and more dissappointing every day watching good people get mad because help isnt fast enough or no help at all from devs but i seen it all before so its not new to me but to those who havent please be as patient as possible we can always hope someone will listen to us sooner or later :friends:
  3. mau not a bot sin i can assure you lol that just doesnt make sense at all :pardon:
  4. i still dont see nothing about using multi accounts sin ?
  5. thats sad mau just sad :diablo: thank one of your enemies for reporting it hope they happy it wont last long i am sure :diablo:
  6. yes but mau never used multi to gain unfair advantage what so ever sin ;) is that a crime worth a block ?
  7. so you beleive dior a bad player ? it takes just 1 enemy to complain then they blocked? if you had staff in the game you would know by asking players whos good and whos bad but if this the way it is so be it emerald going to lose many good players because of words and complaints from a few bad people thanks for info anyway :good:
  8. so we can only have 1 account? make 3 level 18 heroes then what? you punishing the good honest players did nothing wrong and these good players like myself didnt even know mutli accounts was against rules now they will all hide and wont tell their other accounts. Dior, fafurion was one of the top most honest firstborn on server , he spent loads of time money and effort playing them to get level 18 now they gone and he going to quit :( many have a few accounts whats going to happen when they ban them all ? i feel for this server now i really do :cray:
  9. sorry michael but maybe not a joke to some of us :search: all we hear is m coin this m coin that in game its the talk of the server now :bad:
  10. dior has done everything asked he should never have gotten stupid block in the first place as for bad players everyone has their own opinion smurf but multi shouldnt be a blockable offence no matter who it is i think :unknw:
  11. that might be a blessing if you cant open miracle shop prices gone higher yet again so save your money :good:
  12. multi accounts not a good enough reason for block :diablo: good players are getting blocked because of that? How low can this game go? making a lot of people sad with m coins blocked accounts and all these new changes emerald server going downhill fast many will quit soon unless devs start listening to us good normal players :(
  13. wish we could interview them lucas that be good :good:
  14. mine 39 terrible for level 18 :bad: (nothing equipped) :bad:
  15. i had another 5-10 posts deleted today she must love me soooooooooooooo much :blush: :give_rose:
  16. some people make me laugh :blush:
  17. http://warspear-online.com/en/support
  18. dont forget quests in caves you cant see 8)
  19. No chance. 1, m coins are still bugged which generate the revenue so until that sorted resoruces wont be applied to add game content. 2 arena now needs sorting waiting for your player feedback so more resources needed to sort that out. 3 Forget new content for us level 18s until all other problems been sorted out and m coin is working properly :) BE PATIENT !! NEXT YEAR MAYBE WE GET WARSPEAR BACK TO FUN :drinks:
  20. its simple its the way of the world the more money you have the more you want and will do your best to get it no different to anyone else i seen it all before just hoped this be different but we all wrong sometimes :unknw:
  21. this as far i got trying to get a mistake sorted but its a pity i cant read it. So in the end i make a mistake, lose my hard earned money and got no m coins lol i wont be buying in a hurry no more thats for sure :(
  22. yes for the 3 of them i know them from long ago i just hope they do us F.o.F proud and show others how we behave :) 8)
  23. sorry to say this to all my loved and trusted freinds but i really had enough now if you need anything message me on my facebook wen you have someone who takes it personal and a dev its no good but if you want me i still admin at age of heroes who also looking for good devs take care all i really enjoyed it :)
  24. ryn i will give you all mine just say what you need ok i sick of this shit on forum now ;) bullshit excuses for deleting posts i never double post, never spam but these the excuses i getting have the lot i think a certain admin be happy if i leave i will make new char and use proxy and dynamic i.ps im sick of this of this personal vendetta now ;)
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