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  1. nigra

    forgotten acc

    Devs, i forgot my accounts password but i think i rmmber the id. Is thr any way to get my acc back? Thks :)
  2. Add nigra,nereid,allucard ad claranz,aquaage
  3. ranger ofc,with good gears and nice damage= ranger can easily kill shamans.. With same lvl Ranger vs shaman = Ranger Ranger vs barb= 50% chance ranger wins Ranger vs rogue= stealth makes 50% wins Ranger vs druid=ranger Ranger vs bd= 50% ranger wins Ranger vs ranger= balance :P
  4. I tried to pm her,the conversation is my pp since i can't upload it with my phone. Details: Nigra: hi Auroraa: hi can u buy me barberset and hair color 30x? Nigra:kok pakai bahasai inggris?kamu kan dr malay Auroraa: speak me some english The real auroraa can speak malaysian languange,this auroraa can't which proves 99,99% she's not aororaa,ohohohoh perhaps
  5. don't just block auroraa Block ohohohoh,ohoh and ercher too I also heard ohohohoh steal a lot of mc while mc shop was error
  6. nigra

    The FoF Clan Book

    Wtf,versa!i thought its enough with just me! U cheated with another guy.. Btw iknowuall,now i know its u :D
  7. doesnt matter which character u choose in this 2.0.u just need to have lots of money(gold and real money) so u can buy good items..even lvl15 can kill lvl18 with good gears.afterall,this is a shop
  8. thank you for the topic ,mr. Pro proserpine :) It really helps.
  9. relic quest bug is killin me,fix it please
  10. if its for good rogues i accept the skill,if its for some duckin arrogant lvl13 rogues who sneak to elf side using stealth,disturbing ppl on quest,killin em like rogues are gods.Leaving no tracks of rogues's nick or even war with higher lvl and just PUFF! After got low hp,i will never agree.i see many arrogant lvl13 rogues kill without knowing and just go PUfF!. FANTASTIC!!!
  11. add nereid pls,bladedancer lvl16 Some of my friends also havent done shadow,we will come if we can
  12. Sry,just checked the forum..to atone this late greet,choose= fried panda with mayonaise ,pink pizza panda or hot kisses?. :D
  13. lol,happy brthday pinky pizza..as ur gift,u want me to fry u or kiss u?:D
  14. my lvl18 druid have 242moon =attack only 221.skill healing dew lvl 3 heals 156.is this some kind of eror.coz b4 update,my healing dew skill reached lvl5
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