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  1. Skills that should be nerfed: There are not any. Been playing with most classes and can't think of any skill that is too op and can't be dealt with. And no sarcasm, I mean it. Even bd's counter can be dealt with right tactic and char. Druid's link? Don't let him use it. p.s 1v1 is not the main purpose of this game. Most players could not care less about it.
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    Yea. They should be banned due to the fact that they don't help others. Ban AOA 2015!
  3. Oh it is you again Dude, seriously, stop. I mean, you've been crying for ridiculous crap like this forever, and it has been explained every time why the situation is what it is. Pro tip: read Snowman's post above and, I beg you, try to understand this time. And about the 'unfair' skills of elves about which you really do like to whine (yes not really relating to this posts but don't feel like answering two times to this guy since he is spamming these posts again); They are not unfair. Yes, some skills are better for arena than others; some skills work are totally op against certain classes. Learn to deal with it. Some mc skills are totally op in respect of some situations and on the other hand, some elf skills are totally op in other situations. Nevertheless, that's how it is, and that's how it should be. If you are one of those 'hurr durr let's give everyone identical skills and identical damages', you're playing the wrong game. You can find almost every skill op if you evaluate it in the context that suits your interests. Yes, 4/4 counterstrike is deadly, but you're dumbass if you bang your head against brickwall. Btw, I've seen you dozens of times in the arena, and it is not about the op skills of your opponents, the problem is your horrible tactics and lack of teamwork. And I play mostly with mcs so no need to use 'you're partial' card. Peace out.
  4. I usually don't post anything to forums since players opinions are worthless to developers of game like this. But anyway, I decided to announce my opinion. So here we go. I see that there's a lot of complaining about the new update, and I really can see the reason for that. To be honest, new update is horrible and it seems that only thing that was in developers mind, was money (yea, I understands that this isn't a charity case and you need to make money too). Well, I play with druid and mage (both heavily amped lvl20) so it might be the reason why I hate this new update. let's start with the amping of amulets and rings. I saw earlier today amulet which was amplified to +9 and that amulet had way over 1000 magic defence. With +10 accessories, melee characters can have ~40% magic resistance. Only a fool wouldn't understand that this means that with +10 amulet and rings you can be unbeatable when fighting against casters. And it l's not only moon defence or dark defence anymore, it's magic defence which protects you against every caster. I must admit that you're method to hide this was quite good, but not good enough. I mean, for example my druids attack was bit higher after update (and that happened with almost every druid in game) and that tricks people to think that "oh wow, druids are super strong now". Higher attack means nothing if at the same time you give ridiculous amount of magic defence to rich players. And the other thing that really made me frustrated was the nerfing of my druid's heal. It dropped from 269 to 240 and only way to get it back to 269 is amping my staff to +10 ( I can tell you, I'm not going to do that). I would have accepted that amping of amulets and higher magic defence-situation but these two things together are too much. I know that casters were strong at 1 vs 1 against melee characters and some adjustment was (maybe) needed but this was way too extreme. To me, this seems just another way of making money. And yeah, I know that developers couldn't care less about my opinion as long as they are making a lot of money. But you just lost one player who once was fan of your game. And I know that I'm not the only one. p.s actually all healers should quit until developers stop this nonsense ;) Sorry for bad English and messed up sentences.
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