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  1. i wanna ask why skill rogue JUMP no have crit anymore? and then i was saw other skill like COUNTER at BD have high crit rate plis devs fix it and make jump skill have crit again
  2. i think too late to relising new arena belt New items More shocking news! Best Arinar Forges provided desired Arena Belts for 19th levels! They will be in stores right after the servers restart.
  3. call KJLIMO to pvp me if he's best leader of elf
  4. i wanna guess why chatting was srolled into first chat, its made me cant see what ppls says, is it bug or no?
  5. nahh but we didn't how many limit every factions
  6. i wanna guess, why gm no making limit for creating heros?
  7. we'll miss u VOLEX, and good luck on ur real life
  8. I think you should counter skill damage is minimized because whenever BD using the skill damage which issued its so great, especially when it can be exposed to critical damage to 1,4k when PVP
  9. that sound good, hope many updating wep and gears
  10. Lets vote who best on lv 18 ranger : bd : druid : mage : priest : paladin : rogue : shaman : barb : warlock : necro : dk :
  11. let me guess who pro players on mcs and elves?
  12. yea maybe that true, hope next amp i can raise to +10 on my gear and wep
  13. if I may know how many signs that should be used for the amplification of doom blade weapon because it has more than 40 sets but did not rise from +9 to +10, so whether it should be difficult to amply blade of doom?
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