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    VrockS got a reaction from nabnecro in Additions for guilds   
    Sorry i cant find the topic i created ages ago,But it was about dividing guilds according to their lvls for tournament
    There will be 4 different groups
    Group A contains lvl1-2 guilds
    Group B Contains lvl3-4 guilds
    Group C Contains lvl5-6 guilds
    Group D Contains lvl7-8 guilds
    Rewards will be same in each group(though its up to devs)
    With that setup tournaments would be more fair.
    (Sorry due to lack of time i wasn't able to describe well,but i will soon create a separate topic for it)
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    VrockS reacted to Yonutz95 in Battle for territories. General discussion.   
    Its all about the money
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    VrockS got a reaction from bhaghyaraj in Arena 5x5   
    Try to come Us-Sapphire and you'll be addicted to 5×5 and will be missing 3×3
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