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  1. Hey friend, I believe you. we can talk out the details on [email protected] , I'm a Computer Science and CG student.
  2. Hello good friends, how is everyone doing?
  3. Drama is what pushes the life forward. It's like coloseum fights, but INT and CHA based.
  4. The hero this world needs, but not one it deserves.

  5. Shoot! My real identity has been revealed. No way, that handsome fella has been banned? What did he do to deserve this?
  6. I'd rather be the little girl than that neckbear. Keep crying, sweet Suzie. Keep guessing. You're really close.
  7. Shut up nerd, I am not that Azebu guy, see my username.Also get out.
  8. Shut up nerds and post more screenshots.
  9. Why helo it is I How's ervyone doin?
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