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  1. It's been 3days.. Still can't play. Pldt/smart user here
  2. i vote for lennojx (warlock) both good in arena and pvp and a nice player too..
  3. i hope game will not crash on symbian.. XD
  4. cant do quest at swamp or ayvondil map coz always crashing or auto exit.. all symbian user in game are complaining about it .. devs pls fix.. :unknw:
  5. alright, yes im using symbian.. Thanks for help.. :)
  6. i have problem with my necro (Probutnoob) lvl 20 i cant open my necro at ayvondil map.. Everytime i try to log in, the game always crash.. And i can't play it.. I hope u guyz to fix it soon..
  7. pls change the necros new skill.. So Unfair..
  8. necros new skill unfair, unlike other characters, gm should change that.. and the sacrifice hp is annoying.. So unfair
  9. game crashing on symbian v.2 when entering portal at swamp or kota.. :/
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