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  1. ranger in my pt .. deal much dps from mine .. but, boss target a healer or magic type ..
  2. fix .. arena party too .. if not , why u must add skill " secret link " on druid ?? if that skill just working in party .. please..
  3. roland .. not will care about that .. he scared if mc lose ..
  4. sorry , for multy posting .. im use smartphone .. idk how yo answer 1 by 1 of tictoc comments .. thanks u so much ..
  5. good news if devs trying to balance server.. thankss..
  6. yeah. .. i have same problem like u .. when i go new dungeon on new map , i go with 4 healer 1 ranged damage , when done on boss .. ranger first attack and got much attack but , why boss target a healer ( druid ) im almost die with that boss attack around 300++ .. i think boss done smart they all attack healer first ..
  7. hahaha. i just speak little english sorry im bad .. thanks u so much done reply , can u give me link for looking a news and announcement about secret link?? i dont find anything.. thanks u so much ..
  8. dear devs , developer , and other , higher then mine. i have many question about new update .. first : why u decreased/split damage of new expert paladin skill ?? i think , because u pro mcs. second : why im cant invite party when starting in arena ?? and when first update can download , arena party is auto .. and i think , again u is pro for mc .. third : why u must increased time of dark circle ?? u always pro for mcs .. dont think , because in mc or forsaken have many mc user like hassn then u not like elf , if u not pro elf go delete elf ... toterm same with banner but why not split damage ??? and new expert skill druid ``secret link´´ must in party to use that skill , but why cant invite player in arena?? and u decrease heal of that skill by lv .. please be fair for all player .. be fair .. be fair devs be fair .. sorry for my bad english , i just gamers like another who have a good char.. i hope u can answer .. thanks u so much .. thanks u so Much..
  9. remember 3 lock use circle = full stun, whole party die.. and we as pala never complain about it.. very hard to beatable at 5v5.. and now we as pala just have banner, all of hater complain in every single forum.. what about long time ago? we as pala just like a toy when fight ranged class, even we are +10..
  10. dont cry like kids ..that skill for pvp not for kill boss , then why must got fixed??? u remember when skill warlock op time ago , but elf notcry like kids .. think please.. :facepalm: :wacko:
  11. Just buy book from player or buy from Mcoin Shop don't just wait from GM .. :bad: Zzzzz .. :wacko:
  12. That's fixed is GOOD .. Now Server will back to balance .. ;D ;D :drinks: BEEEEEERRRRRR :drinks:
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