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  1. Many would be against this, but craft resources should have less priority in the game , at least on dungeons... Not everyone finds crafting funny and not everyone wants Putting it to use. Im not really an insane dg spamer, but in my case i did x20 run and i've got x17 common craft resources, x2 copper bar, x1 sphere. I mean.. They want me to put an effort to dgs but c'mon.... Nobody wants to keep spamming if on every run you will receive "trash"
  2. This is pretty hypocritical coming from someone who keeps complaining about rogues on dc that keep Deleting his cloth user character
  3. Theweasel

    Nerf BD

    "No sentinel class can do the damage that reapers do" Meanwhile Bladedancers:
  4. Cant see nothing, can you post the screenshot instead?
  5. Luck based defense never gonna be a thing on an assasin class were it fully depends on it. And NO just because has damage doesn't mean he no need defense, is not kamikaze .
  6. Tbh arenas should be global between all servers. - this bring more ppl to arenas - give more chances to beginners to meet other beginners and build easy their gears - avoid the issue of waiting 10 - 20 min to join a fight , aswell of wasting glad pots of 1h just to join 2 - 3 matchs - avoid Specific blocks by enemy players (sniping) as well as afk people on purpose
  7. I would like this talent affect all adjacent targets and not only 1. Similar to barbarian defeat, and bladedancer sonic boom. Aditional i wanna also suggest removing chaos explosion delay of 2.5 sec, and add any other effect on demon form, maybe increase range of explosion, or add bleeding effect idk
  8. Since guild skills have high cooldown, here the real problem are the life scrolls.
  9. We are not allowed to get cool/useful skills. Not while 80% of players plays in elf
  10. I wanna suggest few stuff that may help a bit on reaper Self-sustain plus fix the class in some parts Otherworldly boost - change movement debuff to attack speed debuff, increase from 8%-14%-20%-26%-35% to 20%-25%-30%-35%-40% Chains of the underworld -change cooldown debuff to damage decrease debuff, keep the percetage per level 15%-20%-25%-30%-35% Demon form - change the increasing health/mana buff to an instant heal of 10%-15%-20%-25%-30% of the character health. Demonic charm (talent) - while talent is on cooldown the debuff demonic starvation aditionally increase life steal parameter by 10% Delayed death - increase the impending death debuff to 9 sec , and the damage per time to 3 sec. Unwavering will - now while the character is not in combat receives x1 unshakable buff, after entering in combat the unshakable buff disappear after 12 sec . Wide scope (talent) - now deals damage to all adjacent targets Revenge -now the buff is applied to the character or an ally, all damage received while revenge buff is active returns dmg. The damage and the number of player targets keeps the same . Approach of madness - the skill no longer uses energy Black mark - reworked to an buff- increase cooldown parameter by 15%-25%-35%-40% and parry by 7%-9%-11%-16%. Partial Metamorphosis (talent) - now all the effects of normal demon form are halved after learning the talent Everything for pve Except the unwavering will, and the revenge
  11. Dont understand this one U mean "priest" right?? Im pretty sure the reaper doesnt have a skill called "truce" xD
  12. any stun or aoe damage will reveal them Tbh just removing "debuffs" from the ways of revealing rogues from stealth, doesnt make any change, specially because many of them comes with damage or control. Well maybe it will work with few ones but is Not particularly something too game changing More than buff i see it as Trying to fix the unfixable
  13. Imagine being given an teleport/aoe stun, but weakening our survival... makes no sense if the whole point of that talent is landing on a crowd. Also eagle eye needs close combat to deal damage... Im Totally dissappointed with rugged hide nerf, not even was nerfed fairly, the whole skill was fvcked for the sake of other sea book users. Meanwhile the average players (which are the 99%) have to swallow all that shit.. Now, putting aside the crying... Phy chief seems more useful now Both in wars and gvg, since wears light armor, bring aditional defense to cover the shitty rugged hide. Also was given another aoe damage to cover the lack of magical damage
  14. Я не знаю, есть ли еще шанс, но я хотел бы предложить некоторые изменения для этого класса. Потусторонний буст: Предлагаю поменять эффект замедления на мгновенный урон Возможно, 40% (+5% на каждом уровне) Зачем: Эта способность конфликтует с талантом третьей ветки (тяжелая посадка), так зачем вам замедление, если талант вызывает оглушение? Оглушения более чем достаточно . Не говоря уже о том, что замедление довольно Слабый Цепи подземного мира: Как и буст, эффект сокращения кулдауна очень незаметен в пвп и совершенно бесполезен в пве Я не понимаю, почему вы продолжаете добавлять такого рода дебафф, он совершенно бесполезен во всех возможных сценариях, особенно из-за того, что цифры жалкие Предлагаю изменить эффект, чтобы уменьшить урон, возможно, на 10% (+2% на каждом уровне) Черная метка: Навык, который реже всего используется шорами, я предлагаю заменить его на бафф, который увеличивает перезарядку и парирование. 20% перезарядки (+5% на каждом уровне). 7% парирования (+3% на каждом уровне) Напоследок талант "широкого охвата": предлагаю официально поменять его на аое и уменьшить урон навыка по ближайшим врагам на 50%
  15. Jeez... this is already confirmed data by devs?
  16. Having negative numbers doesnt gives dodge more chances of working, it just dont gives u chance to raise enough accuracy to counter dodge. But the chance of working keeps the same. Using that logic, if i use a skill that decrease defense by 50% to someone that already have zero defense, that 50% turns into extra damage... Totally implausible .
  17. Why u trying to make it seems as the broken shit ever xd? Even someone with 0% accu still can land attacks on a rogue with 60% dodge. Dodge effectiveness is even lower than parry which actually has 30% cap. Not to mention that mostly of DoT damage cant be dodged. XD?! what are you talking about! 60% hasnt 100% chance of working thats ridiculous... Lowering accuracy doesnt increase dodge cap, is just a counterattack against dodge counter. The purpose of reflexes if giving chance to surviving in case kick in the back fails (which is more likely to happen). Also this is not 2013 , im pretty sure everyone have higher accuracy/resistance, basically all the kit to counter dodge rogues.
  18. Tbh only Thing i want is lower the health requirement to trigger the skill, to at least 8% . We are talking about a class that usually has low health amount, due to armors or dodge runes on rings/bracelets. Guess why the rogue is not useless 100%.. Yes.... Because our complains. If we don't say anything, Most likely, the rogue would still suck.
  19. Rogues have to sacrify stats for dodge Like health or life steal No to mention that rogues have three skills just to makes them rely on dodge chance ( kick in the back, dodging, absolute reflex) and its still barely works . Rogues have all the right to complain.. 3 skill that doesnt guarantee your survival , thats a waste of slots, Which technically should be other skills of the thousands of ideas in this forum Rogues ask for survivality and y'all always bring up the ducking damage... Dude, nobody survives only with damage, thats the seekers work.. and even they got better defensive shit
  20. As far i know , rogues stealth cant resist stuns. Cant use steatlh while stunned. Plus has many counters, because "certain" faction cried that is unfair that rogues can "hide", that also "bladedancers should have it too" that was about 2013 - 2017 And boom any idiot can cancels stealth, and To salt the wound devs added castle pots... Luckily the next update are going to give to rogues and seekers a chance to hide properly without cancel their "defensive" skill that you are trying to say
  21. In theory, it should be even better than the mage. We're talking about a class with no chance to evade stuns
  22. Chill, if we are Lucky, in the part two of the announcement, they will drop more changes.. because, indeed, there are a LOT that need to be changed in the classes, not only those that we already saw. Hope on that part two they really bring us more changes about the skills, and not just the snow map.. always end up in the same thing. The preview that is supposed to being an spoiler end up showing everything planned
  23. Seems nice but the number should be at least 10%. Or decreasing damage should makes more sense, because the skill itself works with the amount of health u lost
  24. Честно говоря, Лучше всего было бы поменять его на пассивную способность с уменьшением кулдауна,Любой идиот может сохранить его навсегда , Единственное, что я бы изменил, это то, что вы должны время от времени тратить энергию, чтобы поддерживать его. Из этого навыка я действительно не знаю, применяет ли кто-нибудь здесь очки навыков , А мне это не очень интересно. На мой взгляд, это пассивка, которая предлагает очень мало преимуществ, не говоря уже о том, что два из них в настоящее время можно легко получить с помощью Кошачьи рефлексы и звериная ярость. Возможно, это должен быть активный навык, предлагающий базовые преимущества без особых хлопот Например, защита и Парировать, или защита и сила критического урона О, большое спасибо!! Теперь это действительно полезно. Возможно, здоровье, необходимое для функционирования, должно быть на уровне 8% максимум. Возможно, вам также стоит сложить эффекты, у самого разбойника и так мало здоровья, любой рандом может забрать более 20% вашего здоровья, что означает, Это означает, что вы можете даже пропустить эффект и еще больше снизить частоту положительных эффектов
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