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  1. @LeeLoo @Dr Strange Need to reduce time of DOT dmg buff at DGs FR.
  2. @Dr Strange @LeeLoo Can we please get bag slots increased for character and personal warehouses For bulk crafters? Also, can we get option of 10x/20x items per slot for None and Equi Class of wearables? Further Pots and Scrolls should be atleast 50x pcs per slot but 20x isn't bad. Please consider this if possible.
  3. @LeeLoo @Dr Strange Further, like every season (other than Horror) hopefully skill to run/walk faster will not be restricted to Snow Map Only TP in MYTH , This area seems Highly bugged, Kindly Fix in next update, so achivements can be done. Coz with this but, 7 min achivment is impossible
  4. @LeeLoo @Dr Strange Further, like every season (other than Horror) hopefully skill to run/walk faster will not be restricted to Snow Map Only
  5. @LeeLoo @Dr Strange Can we expect nonstop (without days gape b/w two seasons) buffs battlepass in future? It's been more than a year since BP got feature, and lately there has been a gape between two seasons, can't you simply extend date of buffs?(if not daily gifts after last costume).
  6. First of all, Thanks for addressing facts. Further i agree on the part where Main(x5) Skill Dynamics Must not be changed at all in any case, coz it attracts player to play the game and invest in a perticular char. And the way seeker path is going on, hope GMs are not making Seekers a Tank class by adding ability to use Heavy Armor .
  7. Increase skill effect/buff while using following skills, as damage are done to enemy using these skills. ✓Time Wrap ✓Shattered Stone ✓Chains Should >>
  8. This skill is preety useless , coz it's minion does damage like 100-180 :D and it's a clear Joke 🤣 To waste golds for 2 extra MM for noob skill.
  9. As far as i he encountered, It hardly happened once, so can't really predict, unless a really big knowlege process is on the way, i suggest to manage ur knowledge around 60k though, to take advantage of sudden surprise.
  10. Sahi bat hai. Further, The point is as somehow elves have started winning it back and topic being little cold, will it ever be fixed in next ""SKILL BALANCE"" update??As this one is a RAW ERROR/ADVANTAGE and something which technically should take nearly no time to fix.
  11. For Better and easy Communication, Can we add Whole smily Line/Bar Just above Blank type area? U can show there frequently used or favourite ones.
  12. US sapphire Is Unavailable. Is it happened to whole server or just US Sapphire?
  13. @LeeLoo @Dr Strange @Nolan We have Got 2 different Skill Sets And 3 Different Armor Sets. Among which... 1) In Skill Sets, Can we have Different Relics On different sets?(Atm, On changing skill set 1 to 2,Relics don't change) (Further, Including Skill telent Selection different as per skill sets wil be cherry on top.) 2) In Armor sets, Can we have perticular Skill set as per Selected Set of Armor? 3) Can we get introduction to Selected Hotkey Setups according To Armor set? (as skill set will already fall Under selection of Armor set). Hotkey Setups sometimes changes when we reinstall or login. By applying above, We will have Genuinely Optimised Options.
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